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Charlene Filipiak
Researcher, Mentor, Speaker & Teacher
Researcher, Mentor, Speaker & Teacher

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Ancestry Sync - what gives?
I belong to several Facebook genealogy groups. I am here to talk about the Family Tree Maker user group and the Roots Magic user group. Even though both software vendors have promised to offer a “New” Ancestry sync, neither have...

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Which DNA testing company is best?
As a volunteer at my local Genealogical Research Library I get asked all kinds of questions. Such as which DNA testing company is the best? First of all, let me say that just because I prefer one company doesn’t make them the best company. It only makes it ...

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Transfer AncestryDNA Ownership
I had a friend ask “Do you know how to allow someone to be an Administrator of your DAN results? I searched the Help and found an article from March 29, 2017 that only shows Guest and Editor. Surely, they didn’t take Administrator away?” My answer, Yes and No and don't call me Shirley!...

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BSO – Bright Shinning Objects
I was asked this week what my goal with tracking my DNA matches. My first thought was how I have been distracted by all the BSO’s that have taken me away from my goal. My main goal with tracking my DNA matches was to uncover who my biological maternal grand...

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Uncovering my biological grandfather
I have written about my mother’s illegitimate birth back in July of 2013 in the previous post titled My Mother’s Secret . I have been using DNA testing in the hopes of finding my biological maternal grandfather. Having half-siblings has made ...

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We're Related App #wererelated
I have been playing with the We're Related app by #Ancestry for a while. Like many other's who have posted about this app, the app will add generations to my end of line ancestor. I can handle that addition because it is giving me clues. However, I have some...

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Double 4th Cousins
It's not often for me anyway, that I find a double 4th Cousin. I received an email from the sister-in-law of my fourth cousin.  I have corresponded with this sister-in-law in the past and we have shared a wealth of information. So I had her in my database, ...

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Fred Gloede - Son or Step-Son of Theodore Gloede?
My last post, The Tale of Two Gloede’s of Wisconsin  . I introduced my husband’s 2 nd Great Grandfather, Theodore Gloede. In 1900, Fred Gloede was living in Oshkosh Ward 13, Winnebago County. Wisconsin with his wife Saraphrena and his children, Rose, Lydia ...

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The Tale of Two Gloede's of Wisconsin
Theodore Gloede is my husband’s 2nd Great Grandfather and he settled in Winnebago County, Wisconsin. While Friedrich Gloede settled in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. It appears that some in the family are confusing these two
Gloede’s. Plus they have many com...

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Reviewing Notes and Files
Today I decided to research Mabel Hiltz Buehring’s family a
little more. Mabel is my great-father’s sibling. I decided to research her after visiting the Winnebago Court House in Oshkosh, Wisconsin yesterday while researching my husband's family. I decided ...
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