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Carey Falter
A dedicated mother and devoted wife
A dedicated mother and devoted wife

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I finished! I completed my 12 weeks challenge and I am feeling amazing. I love my new body AND my new life. I signed up for the Black Friday virtual 5k today. Here is my submission story and before and after pics. Happy Thanksgiving! #noexcusemom2015 #noexc...

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Pushing Myself Up A Hill
Where is my drive? This week marks the beginning of the
final month of the challenge. I am doing pretty good and I am seeing some
significant change just not exactly where I want it. My body is still holding
on for dear life to the fat around my upper arms ...

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The word champion stuck out to me last week. I am not sure
what the context was but it really struck me and I responded. I changed my
goal board to read “I AM A CHAMPION!” I truly believe I am. Since then I haven’t
missed one scheduled workout. I hit my goa...

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Today was the day to check on my status. Honestly, I haven’t
been doing that great these first few weeks. I have been hitting my workouts
kind of hard and kind of watching what I eat, but really, if I were to be
completely honest with myself, I would have t...

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I was so pumped after my last post. I thought for sure I was
on my way to an amazing place and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Yep, I fell
flat on my face. I ended up being so pumped from my workout that I couldn’t
sleep. I stayed up till the wee hours of ...

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I am feeling pumped tonight!!!

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Digging Deep
Have you ever had one of those moments where you just wanted
to sleep? When everything around you is demanding your attention but your body
is whispering so softly and saying, “Don’t worry, just sleep.” That happened to
me today. Oh my goodness, I am exhaus...

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No Excuse Mom
I am so pumped! I just finished my first 20 minute cardio
workout since I signed up for the No Excuse Mom 12-Week Challenge. Up until
this point my workouts have been ho-hum. I haven’t really put a whole lot of
heart into it nor have I taken much time to pl...

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Love this!

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