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Kai Seashell
Good girl gone bad, gone good, gone bad again.
Good girl gone bad, gone good, gone bad again.

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Life lately..
L-R 1. Christmas photo with the kids. 2. NYE view at Conrad Manila 3. Cookies & Creme kisses ♥  4. Who doesn't love Snapchat? 5. Alonso Pupper 6. #TalesFromTheShotgun on Instagram   7. Teddyboinks 8. My current fave pumps 9. Me and my binata :) 10. Another ...

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I have nothing to wear..
Photos by Jake I buy clothes on a whim. If there's a spark, heart racin' and eyes light'n up, then I know for sure that I'd have to take it home. Clothes are probably the reason why I still  believe in love at first sight. Just like the magic that I felt wh...

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Photos by Jake "You're not the kind of girl who settles. Keep not settling.."  -Joy Wilson Overalls | Shirt = Divi Boots = Thrifted

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In an Alternate Universe..
Photos by Jake I consider my blog as my Alter Ego. This is my little corner wherein I'm allowed to be at my bravest, or at my utmost cowardice. Here, I'm allowed to put into words a whole lot of things that seem utterly impalpable. Here, I can be a superher...

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Carrying On..
Photos by Jake Jumper - Landmark Shirt - Baclaran Sneakers - SM Dept. Store The 20 something path may be far from what I pictured it to be. Albeit all the spanking & beating my tiny self have gotten along the way, the battle scars will always prove that I n...

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An Ode to My Hat
Photos by Jake It had been a fun day, til I realized that I lost you.. (never again will I trust myself in carrying the hat. Must always wear it. SMH.) Bowler Hat/Sneakers/Necklace = SM Dept. Store Shirt/Polo = Baclaran Jeans = Thrifted

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My current eargasms.
DISCLAIMER: these are songs that I currently listen to. Not necessarily new, chart topping, or some might not even interest you at all. I might have discovered them recently or unearthed from the depths of my playlist. No, don't get me wrong. I'm not a musi...

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The New Year gives us this magical feeling of starting over. Of having a clean slate.  This 2015, I will make everyday a journey of self-love, positivity & a whole lot more. I will try my hardest to impart inspiration & to be an advocate of good vibes. How ...

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Top = thrifted High waist shorts = Landmark Booties = Parisian Back when I started working, I had a workmate who was a Psych graduate. During our free time, we took a lot of personality tests (which I still enjoy taking up until now, BTW) and afterwards, sh...

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Life in Squared Photos
Life lately meant a lot of pictures (I'm doing the #100HappyDays challenge!), well include (a lot of) selfies on that. Catching up on reading (I have several new paperbacks, & started reading GoT on PDFs!). And discovering more & more places to eat. Instagr...
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