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Edwin Buck
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Software Architect
  • Landmark Graphics Corporation
    Software Architect, 2014 - present
  • JPMorgan Chase
    Associate, 2014
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Houston, TX
  • University of Houston
    Computer Science, 1998 - 2000
  • University of Houston
    Biology, 1988 - 1993
  • Naval Hospital Corps School, San Diego
    Hospital Corpsman, 1989 - 1989
  • Pearland High School
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Good service, good food. It ends there. My daughter's children's menu had food stains on it, as if it were dipped in chip sauce. It had dried out, leaving her to believe it was glue to hold the menu together. The wife fetched a second one from the seating hostess, and there was no apology. Our waiter had some sort of white colored food (probably sour cream) on her otherwise black uniform. My Margarita had a baked on bit of veggie leaf or something on the base of the glass's pedestal. It was between a quarter of an inch and half an inch long. The bill came in a holder with a sticky backside. I felt bad for the waiter, who was otherwise attentive; but really, wiping the tables is not the only aspect of cleanliness a restaurant has to worry about. They need to clear out the drain on their industrial dish washer, occasionally clean the bill holders, and at least look at what they are handing out. While the food was good, I doubt I'll be back. You just can't enjoy it when you are wondering about the other things you can't see.
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Had a cut there nearly a year ago. Was in a rush, and couldn't get an appointment at my usual place. They collected credit card information over the phone to charge in event of no show, which I was unaccustomed to such a practice. Since I was at the mercy of their time slot, and far from home, I arrived nearly an hour early. No big deal, I had some work to do on my laptop. More collection of information, like a short version of visiting a doctors office. Trendy place. Liked the music. Lots of tatoos. No one visibly over thirty. Self announced job titles like stylist assistant (which wasn't the secretary doing the greetings, but as far as I could tell just walks you to the chair) Being an hour early I had to wait. Was asked warmly if I wanted anything to drink by three different people, replying "Yes, coffee" each time. The fourth person managed to deliver twenty minutes after the first offer. Haircut started well, even if the stylist was very standoffish. After cutting dry, sent me to a hair washer who literally rolled her eyes when I initiated smalltalk. Gave up on the smalltalk, and had the rest of the washing in silence. Back to the stylist's chai, but the stylist is not to be found. An odd protected ten minute wait follows with the hair washing person leaving to get the stylist. Stylist returns, finishing off the ends of a sandwich. Manage to strike up a decent chat about food while the stylist rushes through the haircut to make his next appointment without delay. Find out by complementing the quality of the coffee that the coffee delays had to do with the need to make it, something that seemed to be a bit of a time burden. Overall, I got an OK (passable), but overly trendy haircut, three really good cup cups of coffee, and a view into a hipster world that I thought had died out long ago. No, I wouldn't go back, despite the follow up phone call and other scripted "personal" touches. When I was there, the actually delivered service sucked almost as much as the ambiance and intended service excelled. In the end, I felt I had a much better cut at my old place, which managed to do the work for less than half the price (and is also a top end men's and women's hair salon).
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I can't describe how far this restaurant has slipped without mentioning that at one time it was a favorite. I originally had a blow-by-blow description of how this place failed us on a slow Sunday afternoon (1 PM) with two waiters and seven seated tables on the upper deck; however, I'll spare you the details. Here are the highlights: 1. Can't get seated next to the edge because the busboy is clearing tables very slowly. 2. Aren't re-seated after the tables are eventually cleared. 3. No margaritas without sweet-and-sour mix. 4. Waiter delivers one drink, the the other ten minutes later. 5. Sun came out in full force, so a couple abandoned their channel side table with comments of "at least there will be shade and I think the service will be better too" 5. Our table's umbrella can't be opened. 6. Umbrella for couple that left delivered to empty table after asking if it could be delivered to mine. 7. Have to get up to ask the seating hostess if we can be relocated as we can't find our waiter. 8. Ten minutes after being re-seated, we're given the special menus (after our orders are in for about twenty minutes). 9. Fifteen minutes after being re-seated, our replacement umbrella arrives at our old table. 10. Food arrives, children's grilled chicken breast has been blackened, and is far spicier than my "spicy" enchiladas. 11. Daughter's side order of rice mysteriously delivered as a side order of black beans. 12. My side order of black beans mysteriously delivered as a side order of charro beans. 13. Waiter notices empty beer bottle while delivering food and offers another, which arrives about ten minutes after the last food was finished. 14. After finishing beer, can't find waiter for fifteen minutes to get the bill. Decide to have a good time with the daughter and dance on the deck (good music). 15. Credit card taken, about ten minutes to get it back with the signature slip. 16. Signature slip is for a different table, and (surprise!) can't find the waiter again. 17. Take the bill to the seating hostess and waiter magically appears within the minute. It's impressive to make so many mistakes in just one visit; however, they didn't mess up too quickly. It took nearly two hours to deliver lunch for two. To their credit, the tables handled by the other waiter seemed to be doing a bit better. In it's heyday it was a great place. Now, the words "has been" don't really do enough to describe how far it's fallen.
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