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I just updated the temporary Ivy Bridge guide with BridgeHelper 5.0 information, and my latest recommendations for the 3770 + GA-Z77-DS3H. I'm currently using standard UserDSDT installation without DS...
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How do you think mountain lion is going to effect the ivy bridge setups?
From 10.7.5 and on (10.8 included) Ivy Bridge support should be native.
I figured as much. But I think now you have to out system id as a MacBook instead of Mac pro. Im curious if performance is degraded because of that. (i am still a hackintosh newb)
My system definition is iMac12,2 but system performance is the same as when I was at MacPro3,1. The reason I went to the iMac definition is because GPU performance would degrade after the machine woke up from sleep with the MacPro definition.

Both definitions yield a Geekbench score of 15,100+.
Very cool, guess my understanding of system definitions needs some reassessment! 
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