As a Unix/Linux guy, GUI-free servers are my preferred method of operation Having had some more recent experience with Windows as a Server my feelings have really only cemented. That said I am still confused by shift Microsoft is making.

I have always hated having to remember which tab a setting is on in WindowsLand. Especially when in the I could easily grep a config file for a small bit of key word or a value in the IX world. Heck, even if I can't remember which file the setting is in a I have commands to search all the config files for what I am seeking. It is the visual path choosing and mouse driven nature of Windows that has always frustrated me from an administration and a development perspective. I understand that I am certainly not in the majority on this one, but even I find this to be a really weird paradigm shift. This seems vaguely what I imagine validation feel like.

I guess everything really is circular in the IT world. For a long time you only ran a terminal and all your data was stored on a central machine, then it shifted to storing almost everything locally and now the it has shifted again to the original approach but replace the server with “the cloud”. It goes to show you that if you stick to your guns stay in this business long enough you will usually be relevant
at least half of the time.
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