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Doug McMillan
. . and all the while all there was, was this . .
. . and all the while all there was, was this . .

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Rambling from the Dark Side, Blinded by the Light.
     So I'm in this deep dark hole and I can't see a way out but I posted this on facebook this morning... "Although everything is bliddy tighter than a gnats arse and
frighteningly difficult right now, I'm still convinced life will find me
a way through ...

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GULP! (Also known as HOLY SHIT!!!)
   H ow on earth did I end up with an interview for a Stores and Logistics Management role? Any ideas? No? Exactly. Oh, well yes I have had three years of logistical experience at Aston Martin, but I was either running a project or working on stock control ...

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W here are
you when I
need you so... This
isn't the time to let go... See me
through these
difficult times... Interlock, with me let's now entwine... Love unconditionally, let it flow... Where are
you when I
need you so?  ...don't let this go!

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Tactical Manouveres In The Dark.
W hen you
need them most (that
gentle touch, warmth, tender love) and
they're simply not there (because
they choose to be with another, elsewhere) you begin
to wonder do they
really care, (enough) or are
you just a convenient, front,
behind which games are

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A Year Has Passed.
Written a year ago but never published, this depicts my feelings at the time when once again love was lost ... H urting T o The Core . . .  . . . trusting her completely life & heart on the line . . . . . . the blade goes in . . .  . . blood on my sleeve  o...

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   My girlfriend , we'll call her Cas, because that's her nickname, has recently told me I'm old, and not for the first time. I replied, "I'm not old I'm in my fifties. I don't want to be in a relationship with someone who thinks I'm old." Hey, look...I was...

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Review Of The Year Begins Here...
   I thought it might well be a good time to play catch up here on my personal blog, it's been a long time a'coming but, what the heck, I'm back y'all! Soooo, what's been going on? Let me get a few things down as they come to mind. First of all, way back at...

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The Goddess Herself
I W ro te the post below when I had just come to the end of my last long (ish) term relationship, which was three years . I never published it, but reading back over the post I thought I would, it feels right to do so now. I must say that since then soooo m...

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Unity of being...

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Simply Be.
. . . to love unconditionally, free to simply 'be' relating to one another unequivocally . . . Doullan - a loving, affectionate and tactile kinda guy.
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