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I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. This is definitely not the impression we want to make and I apologize. Please call us and ask to speak to Dr. Chacko directly and I'll make sure to get this resolved.  I'll also make sure to send you any records you'd like (i tried to look up Mike Smith but there were a few so didn't know who it was). Again, I apologize. Dr.Chacko

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Hi Mr. Smith,
I am very sorry to hear this. Our office tries very hard to be good with customer service but clearly we dropped the ball.  Please email me directly at and I'll make sure to do my best to resolve the situation. I tried to look you up to call but there are a lot of Mike Smiths so didn't know who to call. I apologize again as this is not how I want my practice to be portrayed.  Dr. Chacko

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Don't fall for these 10 allergy myths!

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Halloween is just 10 days away! Check out these allergy-friendly candies and treats!

Today's pollen count is low at 4 with only ragweed present. Enjoy your Friday!

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Pet allergies? No dog or cat is proven to be 100% hypoallergenic, but there are certain breeds that tend to be better for people with allergies!

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Milk Allergy vs. Lactose Intolerance-What's the difference?

Today's pollen count is 10 with elm, grass and ragweed pollen all in the low range. Have a great Monday!

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Celebrities have allergies too! #SneezingWithTheStars  

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Useful smartphone apps for allergy sufferers!
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