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Whyte Panther - Brooklyn Born Italian Cowboy
Whyte Panther - Brooklyn Born Italian Cowboy

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Last summer I did replaced the condenser blower fan on the outside unit as it was running over amps. This summer when having my unit checked out by another company giving me quotes on a new HVAC, I was informed that the fan was actually an emergency (rescue) fan that is only put in for 2 weeks to "hold" the unit. It is a well known fan model known for this purpose. The D&H tech conveniently removed the labels from the fan when he installed it--I witnessed him peeling them off. This fan as been in my unit for a year now. It was sold to me as the real, permanent fan, at a cost of $630. I have found that this company has many unethical practices, they don't do the right thing to start with and they are out to make a buck at your expense. Their techs constantly told me different things---If my unit indeed needed something, the service reports should have been consistent. On several occasions techs also recommended their "buddy" to me for parts, services or equipment for a side job. It seems their employees would rather work with a friend on the side and get a kick-back, then do an honest job for their employer. I think that speaks volumes for the company and their employees. Make sure you watch any tech coming into your home to be sure they are actually SERVICING your HVAC not just dusting of the unit and hanging out in your garage for 30 mins. Don't get taken advantage of by this company. I am still waiting for a return call from D&H's "manager" regarding my call and complaint about being sold a rescue fan and being ripped off by their company. In the mean time, I will be posting my experience with their unethical company, poor sales practices and company's disregard for safety and HVAC codes anywhere and everywhere I can to hopefully help others avoid the experience I had. I would recommend anyone using any HVAC company in AZ to do your homework and check the company's credentials out. Go to to look up their contractor's license, bonding information, check out the BBB (complaints history), look at customer reviews on Angie's List, Google review, Yelp etc. Look at the company's and owner's bankruptcy history too ( Any warranty they had prior to filing would be void....just think about it if you had services with them. If someone feels strongly enough to post a complaint about a company, there is probably a reason why. 
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