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Customer service is so important to us, we needed a spot to share your stories. To share your #LippertLove, email
Customer service is so important to us, we needed a spot to share your stories. To share your #LippertLove, email


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Amazing work from our Contact Center Representative, Ashten! Sharing some #LippertLove from a customer she had the opportunity to assist:

"I'd like to take a moment to compliment your company and employee Ashten for her amazing performance in sorting out my parts issue. Ashten was very knowledgeable and had a very positive attitude and "can do" spirit. I hope you will take time to go to her, shake her hand, and say "thank you!" if I was there its exactly what I would do."
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Our Linda Vicary is always able to keep her cool and patience with anyone on the phone! This customer wrote in to let us know how much he appreciated her attitude throughout his call! #LippertLove

"Recently I wrecked an awning on our RV and had questions so that I could order the correct parts. I was transferred to Linda Vicary.

I write with some authority as an 30 year insurance broker and former founder and owner of a Coca-Cola distributorship. I have had a lot of problem solving and service experience.

I could speak volumes of Linda Vicary's patience and professionalism in getting my issues resolved in my parts order If she was in our service, I'd try to interview her for our office.

My experience with LCI service is outstanding due to your good customer service. I will be choosing your products when I have the option.

Paul G."
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It looks like our Phillip Cusic is soaring above Apple's customer service! #LippertLove

"Hi Phillip,

I wanted to thank you personally for such great service beyond what I ever expected. I used to think that Apple had the best customer service, but LCI has them beat.

Can I ask a question? Were you just doing me a favor, or do you as a company treat all of your customers so well? I am impressed."
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Wow! John Armstrong is feeling the #LippertLove today! Amazing work, John!

"On or about the 17th of July I called customer service and spoke with John Armstrong. I relayed to him the saga of difficulties I had had with the Lippert leveling system on my Thor ACE. I purchased this RV new, even though it was a 2015 model, from a dealer in Elkhart.

I explained how I had received helpful assistance once before from customer service shortly after my purchase. Also that I had had the vehicle to my local RV service in Wabash on at least two if not three occasions to look into this leveling problem. It had never reached the level of operation described in the manual and now it was just out of it's warranty period.

John looked up Lippert's records and verified my lamentation, He assured me that Lippert would do anything and everything to make this right with me. I immediately was relieved to find such a response from him. He unexpectedly sent me a card and information via mail regarding our call.

As it became evident on this last trip to the service department, the problem was not with the leveling system but with the condition of the coach batteries as the system worked well when connected to shore power but would not function on batteries alone. Batteries were replaced due to their age and the system is working according to the manual after three more separate attempts to date.

I remain hopeful that my problem has finally been rectified and wanted to commend and offer thanks to John Armstrong and Lippert Components for standing by their product and for the assistance rendered to a frustrated consumer.

From a Navy veteran to John Armstrong and Lippert Components...Bravo Zulu! Well Done!"
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Way to go Julie Minne! Now this customer can finally use his unit to its full..."potential" lol! #LippertLove

"Thanks so much for everything you have done for this customer! It is so refreshing to deal with someone so caring! Mr. Stars picked up his unit this morning and was very happy! We both owe it to you for taking care of this.
He’s excited to use his toilet.....LOL ( 3 months of payments and never even used the toilet!)

Thanks again Julie!
Patti M.
Hilltop RV"
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Congrats on your FIRST #LippertLove Tammy Bowlin!! What a great one to start with!

"I have been dealing with Tammy Bowlin and she is wonderful to deal with. She made the experience great and your company should be glad to have her as a employee. Her customer service skills were wonderful.

Because of Tammy I have complete faith in your awnings. Thanks Tammy."
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Check out this awesome message! Great job on the #LippertLove Phillip Cusic!!

"Dear LCI Management,

I almost never give accommodations. However, in this case I felt it would be a disservice to both LCI and to Philip if I did not write to you about my experience.

It was a delight to talk to one of the most professional, personable and knowledgeable trouble shooters I have spoken to in decades.

PhilI quickly assessed my 128980 coach step assembly issues with an easy relaxed... 'We'll get you fixed up comfortably and safely down the road.' attitudes I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. I'll be ordering a motor and control module as soon as I finish this email.

I don't know where you found him, but you would be well to keep him. I've stolen many a talented individual from other companies in my day and Philip would be among them if I still retained my companies.

He possesses a rare command of both knowledge and talent for communication any company would be wise to foster, develop and capitalize upon for their future.

Heed my words...develop his vast potential and talent or others will. In today's world of mediocrity, stars such as Philip stand out.

It's a privilege to deal with a company who puts the right people in the right places. I applaud your stellar choices.

Develop Philip and I promise you...he will make you proud.

Best Wishes,
Dave A."
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Sandra Troup did such an amazing job at helping out this customer, he called back and wanted to personally thank her! Way to go, Sandra! #LippertLove :)

"I just wanted to call and personally thank you for taking an interest in our customers concerns and the money that was 10 out on this trailer. I would appreciate another call back, then I can personally tell you how much I appreciate what you do -- going the extra mile in getting that check to the customer in a timely manner. You can't believe how many times I've called other places, got so many different people, and had so many promises of a call back.

You are the only one that actually came through, so I do appreciate it, thank you very much."
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Shout out to Jeremy Weyer for the great work on the chats! Keep the good vibes coming! #LippertLove

“Jeremy was my 1st rep when using the new chat option. Every time I have come back he has provided nothing but the best customer service. I recommend the chat feature to anyone who is looking for help with an LCI part. Great Job!”
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No morning is complete without some #LippertLove! This customer was obviously very happy with the effort and care Lisa Payne showed him! Amazing job!

"Hi Lisa,

In this day in age, working with a company that really cares and responds to their customers is not the norm! Everyone I have dealt with at your company responds (very pleasantly and fast) and does what it takes to make sure the customer is happy. You should be proud!

Please forward this to any higher ups in your company that you feel should know that their staff is one of the best that I have encountered!

Keep up the great work, you restore faith that some companies really do care about their customers!!

Thanks again!
Michelle F."
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