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Transformers, Collecting, Toys, Game Shows
Transformers, Collecting, Toys, Game Shows

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Game Show Board Games: Password Plus (2nd edition, 1979)
Five years ago, when I did a feature on the board game version of the original Password , I promised to do a future post on Password Plus . I didn't expect to take five years getting to it, much less to have moved to a new blog in the meantime, but the futu...

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That Time I Found The Quadrovelocipede from <i>Legend</i>
When most people hear that I'm a fan of Legend , they think I'm talking about something else. I can't really blame them. My  version of Legend  only lasted for 12 episodes, which first aired more than 20 years ago, on a network that no longer exists. The sh...

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Fans Toys FT-10 Phoenix (not-Skyfire, 2017)
One of the great oddities of the original Transformers  cartoon of the 1980s was the inclusion of a character named "Skyfire." Skyfire was a fairly central character to a couple of early episodes, yet wasn't (directly) based on a toy. Even Reflector was bas...

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Combiner Wars Shattered Glass Starscream (2017)
And so it ends. A few weeks ago, subscribers to the fifth (and final) Transformers Figure Subscription Service put together by the recently-defunct Transformers Collectors' Club started receiving the final shipment from Fun Publications. This shipment inclu...

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"Me, Grimlock" Revisited
Almost a decade ago, the folks at the then-Official Transformers Collectors' Club decided to have a bit of fun. Taking a Classics Grimlock figure, they sent it around to club members inviting them to take pictures of it in their local settings. Once they ha...

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Universe Inferno (2009)
For the 25th Anniversary of the Transformers franchise, Hasbro released toys in their Universe  line designed to pay homage to nearly every major iteration of the Transformers franchise released to date. Some iterations got more attention than others. Gener...

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Q-Transformers Snoopy (2015)
While Transformers fans in the United States have seen the franchise crossover with the occasional outside franchise, including some Marvel superheroes, as well as the Star Wars figures of a few years ago, such crossovers are a bit more common in Japan. We'...

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In a World Where Fire Chiefs Drive Lamborghinis...
When quintessential movie trailer voice Don LaFontaine passed away a few years ago, perhaps the single most common thing that was said about him was his penchant for beginning his narratives with the phrase "in a world...". Especially in the science fiction...

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Glacialord/The Glacialbots (2013)
As more and more collectors of Transformers and other transforming robot toys enter into adulthood, a vibrant third-party market has arisen to provide a wider variety of product than Hasbro and/or TakaraTomy have been able to provide on their own. While it ...

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BotCon 2012 Shattered Glass Turbo Tracks
One of the struggles that the minds behind BotCon had to face every year was coming up with new and interesting concepts for their exclusive toys that would encourage fans to come to the convention and buy the toys. Some years were clear winners in this reg...
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