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McClarenDesign's Car of the Week Reviews
Insightful, but bollocks.
Insightful, but bollocks.

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All proceeds go towards equipment upgrades and adventures soon to be featured in +Drivetribe, such as the Formula SAE event in Nebraska and the Indycar race in Texas already planned for 2017!
(Back of the t-shirt shown in the photo below, and the numbers on the sleeve can be custom ordered.)

As always, send me a pic of you in one of my shirts and become a member of THE FUSTERKLUC SPEED STARS!

#UnsafeAtAnySpeed #InsightfulButBollocks
The official Fusterkluc Speed Stars team shirt is now available!
Please note that the numbers on the sleeve can be changed, so personalize as you see fit!
(Back of tshirt shown.)
#UnsafeAtAnySpeed #F1TheHardway #InsightfulButBollocks

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New office art. I also put everything I have on "A Squirrel" in the under-card.

I gotta hunch.

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#DiRT 4: The Quest for MoAR

Now on #Twitch. Hold my beer.

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Announcing this week's #CarOfTheWeek, the 1998 Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car!!!!


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Skeptical but optimistic. $5 also says Speing '18. Still no word if the US will get FIA approval to my knowledge.

Believe nothing until you see it on display in stores. 

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Pictures from this week's #CarOfTheWeek action, in the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe!
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Courtesy of THE +Andrew Heff!

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The fourteenth instalment of #BEARDSnCARS, this time talking giveaways and model cars...


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The World's best PlayStation Gran Turismo gamers battle it out to become a professional racing driver.

E3 Cliff's Notes:

Blah, blah, blah GT Sport, Spring '18... maybe.
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