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I'm just this guy you know.
I'm just this guy you know.

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Question about the new Bookmarks Manager (that hasn't been answered on the forums yet):

I added a bookmark today only to find some kind of new bookmark manager system. I dislike the change (among other things, I don't need to see a preview of the page I'm bookmarking. I already know what that page is.), but I can survive it.

However, the personal folders already existed have a notation "Private Folder" in the bookmark manager. The Auto Folders that get created have no such notation.

My question: How private are those auto folders? Are my Auto Folders truly private, or do they live specifically on Google's servers, and only exist by sufferance in my browser?  (People note on the forums that if you delete your Auto Folders, even if you copy the links to a personal folder, those links will go away from your private folder.)

Is this in the Chrome Browser ToU?  Is this something I should be worried about?  Is this yet another step away from Google's policy "Don't be evil?"

Anyone have an answer?

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I had a great time at The Game Show Show!  Thank you +The Retro Dome!

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I'm not normally a motorcycle kinda guy, but I think I'd learn to ride if I had this one:

Has anyone else noticed that Yahoo Mail seems to suffer extreme memory leakage since the latest incarnation of Chrome was released?  Or is it just me?

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Because, hey, it could be free!
We're giving away 40…that's right… 40 of these iSimple megaPhones that improve your iPhone or iPod's volume ( Here's what you do to win:

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Sharing in the hopes of winning.
I'm giving away a G-Connect WiFi Hard Drive on Google+ TODAY!
Here's how to win...!!!

RIGHT NOW we're beginning the +Geek Beat  Streaming Across America drive from Dallas to New York where we'll be live streaming the CEA Line Shows.  And we've got 3-4 AWESOME prizes that we'll be giving away EVERY DAY for the next 10 days!

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LOTS more chances to win!

Had an experience of why Apple continues to build personal loyalty, while Android continues to struggle to win the hearts and minds of non-geeks...

Customer at work has purchased a Coby Kyrios tablet.  Seems nice enough - capacitive touch, 7" screen, running Ice Cream Sandwich.  Except that Coby, for whatever reason, has either chosen not to allow access to Google Play/Android Marketplace, or has made accessing it so complicated that they may as well not have.  Said customer had downloaded some games that required Adobe Air, which, for whatever reason, he couldn't install on his tablet - it kept installing on his Android phone instead. 

Contrast that with Apple, which: A) provides a centralized point of customer service and B) maintains minimum standards, so that things "just work".  You don't have to rootkit your iPad to install apps from the Apple store.  You don't even generally need to install apps that aren't in the App store - at least not if you're a "regular" user.

So, yeah, Android may be the choice of geeks and hackers everywhere, but the same celebrated openness can be a user support nightmare, especially in a world rife with the expectations of the "open marketplace" that everyone says Android has.

So...Bubble Island is leaving G+ on July 1st.  I wonder what the financial aspect of that is - how much they pay to have the game on here, etc.  Because it's pretty much the only game I play on G+ these days, and I'm kinda disappointed to see it go.

My search terms: Cosmopolitan sex tips collection parody
My results: At the bottom of page one, a link to "Singin' in the Rain" on, because apparently "Cosmo Brown" the character = "Cosmo" the magazine.

Well played...not exactly, although I can pretend to understand the reasoning.

Still trying to find the "X-thousand collected Sex Tips" parody I saw a while back.
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