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The panelists in the "Ideas to Innovations" session at SaTC PI meeting are both excellent speakers. Coincidence?

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Interesting article about how the "disruptive" convenience services are borne out of income inequality. I don't think all of the examples they give are dependent on vast inequality; certainly taxi services can and do exist even in areas with a  high Gini coefficient. But it made me think again about how much of my living standard is dependent on being able to pay for services of people who earn much less money than I do.

My friend was telling me about the time she spent in Switzerland, where apparently there is no immigrant underclass to perform jobs like child care or housework for low wages. For example, she was quoted €800 for a move-out cleaning of her apartment, and ended up spending a bunch of time doing it herself instead.

Help us with our smartphone sensor study—it will only take a couple minutes! Please visit this page on your smartphone for more details and instructions:

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The dangers of excessive recognition:

Wilson wrote that, unfortunately, due to Watson’s stroke of genius at age 25, “He was given license to say anything that came to his mind and expect to be taken seriously.”

Reminds me also of Hamming's lament how people who get prestigious prizes lose productivity (from his excellent You and your research speech,

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One local shuttle bus company has been shut down by a regulator; another has adopted the strategy of suing its customers, including this suit for $26, + $2K for lawyers fees. I haven't read the full 141 pages of transcripts, but the excerpts are pretty great.
So, the local bus company (Suburban Express) that everybody likes to hate, just lost a trial for 26$ they were trying to charge one of the students here. Essentially, after wasting ~3.5 hours of trial time, the case was dismissed as a waste of the court time.  The transcripts were kind of of interesting. More details here:

I think being a parent to four-year-olds has improved my lecturing style; I found myself being much more expressive during my first lecture.

New pet peeve: "our performance would be better if it were optimized". If it matters, optimize it! (I admit, I have been guilty of this in the past.) #foci14  

Thinking of rephrasing "Due to space limitations, more information can be found in our technical report" as "Due to ACM's exorbitant page charges, ..."

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IMC accepted paper list is looking pretty good! Wonder how they're going to fit 43 papers into a 3-day program.

Woke up to three paper rejections... and one acceptance! Also, starting to really appreciate conferences that try to summarize PC discussions for the authors. In contrast, the only new information I got from CCS since the original set of reviews in the rebuttal phase were the review scores... and the decision.
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