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"they didn’t forecast their business right and they changed their numbers and told analysts"

It is a god damn forecast... a prediction. playing the odds. Shit happens in business and sometimes you get screwed. Suing because you made a bad investment is such shit. Suing because they changed their "prediction" of how they THOUGHT they MIGHT do is enough to push scooby over the edge. Of course both Scooby and forecasts live in the same world... FANTASY.
I am so sick of hearing about Facebook's magic wall street adventure. The tech news is all business news. 
My understanding is they didn't tell now those left out are crying?? I'll be completely honest I'm guessing because I skimmed the article. I couldn't give 2 fucks if I tried. I really just liked the play on words with the "oh, Zuck" headline. I thought they'd make a "the honeymoon is over" joke but they made it so much simpler and funnier than I would have. shrug 
I'm so sick of Facebook. Period. Lol
Come on Bria, tell us how you really feel. :-P
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