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I got the job!! Out celebrating the good news. I was only supposed to have 1!! This is the remains of #2...

Las Velas in Market Square. If you haven't been. You need to go. Ask for David, Hugo or Fanz. They're my homies and will take good care of you. 
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Ann G
Congrats! Wife and I are heading to Las Vela's tomorrow evening!
Thanks everyone!!

+Farrante Jones I'll be dealing with the client side now. It's an internal move within the company. Before I was dealing with the consultants (the job hunters). Now I'll be dealing with the hiring managers; sitting on site at one of our biggest clients. I'll be closer to home and making more money. Its a good move but I'll miss the guys I've been working with for the last 3 years. It's bittersweet. 
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