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So I'm extremely late in signing up for the Race for the Cure this year.  You guys probably already know 15 people who signed up (on time) and have helped to raise money.  But, on the off chance that you don't...or you do, but you're feeling nice...or you came into some extra dough and feel like helping the procrastinator (me) make more than a $0 donation...I'd greatly appreciate it. 

Ultimately, whether I have a $0 or a million dollars to turn in, I will still be doing the race in honor of my cousin who has Stage 4 Breast Cancer and our aunt who has Stage 1.  But your support (in ANY form) is greatly appreciated.

10 hour drives for a few hour site visit; half days; tragedy in Boston; cracking your head on multiple objects; dress rehearsals; weddings; getting the drunkest I've ever been; craziest week I can remember. 

That moment when after one of the worst work weeks you can recall, you fuck up your own car on some dumb shit in a parking garage... (Anger anyone?)

The real question is, how does one beat their own ass?

Please note: I already got hit in this garage and had to file a claim. I then had to file another claim because the rental car I used while my car was getting fixed was supposedly damaged (total bullshit). And after ALL THAT...I turn around and actually do cause vehicular my own fucking car. 

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Date night continues. I love being back in squirrel hill/the city in general. Dinner, drinks and movie all within a block. 

Our Valentines Day consisted of shopping for office supplies, eating hamburger helper and watching a stupid movie. It was a great day. Seriously :)

I want to go bowling dammit. +Andrew Shirley where you at?!

Stuck in the house sick. Quart of soup in front of me, hot chocolate to my right and Hannibal on DVD. Maybe I'll finish the movie this time...

Happy that this is my final semester of school. Kicking myself for waiting until the very end to take Media & Law though. I should be sitting here reading a case file. Instead, I've let myself get sucked into the premiere of The Following, with Kevin Bacon...

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I believe...I believe...that this was the best thing to stumble across at 9am on a Saturday on WQED. I miss my old job...
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