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Emilio Gomez
Part-time lover, full-time oddball. Be yourself, no matter what they say.
Part-time lover, full-time oddball. Be yourself, no matter what they say.

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Halloween is upon us. Like a movie monster rising from the grave, my scary 'Beloved Horror' article returns, updated with shout-outs to It Follows, The NoSleep Podcast, The Shallows and more! "Beware, take care… BEWARE!"

Even though I volunteered, I think the government should compensate my extensive efforts to eradicate the city's Rattata and Pidgey infestation!

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Thought of the Day: Life is what happens between Game of Thrones seasons. Also, life is effin' hard!
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Thought of the Day: All 'X-Men' movies starring Jennifer Lawrence would probably be rated NC-17 for Smurfs.

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Cannes 2016 is underway, but I wonder: does the film festival matter anymore?

In the age of Internet self-promotion, is there still a need for the global film industry to gather each May on the shores of the French Riviera?

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'Captain America: Civil War' gives superhero fans what they want: a good, clean fight. Here's my review.

Bloated, compelling, jaw-dropping and fun at the same time, 'Captain America: Civil War' is among the best of the Marvel Studios superhero entries

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Why the talent show future 'American Idol' creator Simon Fuller just predicted already exists in a way.

Simon Fuller, 'American Idol' creator, predicts a future for talent shows that's not only possible, but in a way already exists

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An overview of the Mediterranean diet, one of the healthiest, tastiest nutritional plans ever.

An overview of one of the most renowned, healthy and just plain tasty nutritional guidelines ever

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'Fame Starts at 50'

A look at actors and actresses like Clifton Webb​, Anthony Hopkins​, Morgan Freeman​ and Judi Dench​, who achieved fame after turning 50. A throwback from my old Revista U column, "Yo soy el cine" (I Am Cinema).

I watched Roman Polanski​'s 'Bitter Moon​' last night for the first time. My wife Dulce​ called it '50 Shades: Origins'. As for me, I might never see toasters and poodles the same way again.
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