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The Benefits Of Keeping Bingo In Your Travels
Benefits of traveling If you have a zeal for new experiences, then there is nothing that can beat traveling. You can never be too old t o chase after your dreams. A huge d elusion  for many people is t hat t o travel  to any part of th e world , you will ha...

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A Teenagers Wish List For Christmas
I will most probably be shot for mentioning  the "C" word already but take it from me when you work in retail you realize that its never too early to start thinking about Christmas. With that in mind I figured it was about time I got my butt into gear and s...

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Ten Top Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer
So with the weather heating up dramatically lately here in the UK, its no surprise that most of us are seriously suffering in the heat. Even as I write this, its past 1am and I just can't sleep because of the hot and humid weather. It's vital that we don't ...

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Losing It With Slimming World
Most of you will know that I have been on the weight loss wagon for sometime now. I joined Weight Watchers a few years back and achieved fantastic results, losing 5 stone in total! I needed a break from counting calories and with my work schedule changing i...

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My Blogging Gap Year
I am amazed and a little bit mortified that in just a few short weeks it will mark a whole year since my last blog post. At the time I decided to take a few weeks off. Work was getting busier. Those of you that know me know I work for Toys R Us so once the ...

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Beating The Bank Holiday Blues
Bank holidays seem to follow suit throughout the year. With them comes rain, reruns on the TV and a whole lot of boredom for those fortunate enough to be off work. Whether you are watching you weight or not they bank holidays can also be a one way ticket to...

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Kiqplan App Review Plus Chance To **WIN**
It seems there is an app for pretty much everything nowadays. Whether its shopping, banking or even reminding yourself to tie your shoe laces! and for most of us busy bees out there, we are turning to technology to aid in our day to day duties more and more...

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Big Girls Run Too Ya'Know
I posted a video this morning that got such an amazing response and such lovely support from people that I decided to share with you lovely lot and let you know what happened and why I decided to post. I have recently started to introduce running into my we...

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Safeguarding Our Tech Savvy Kids
Today's generation of youngsters take technical
gadgets for granted. They are brought up alongside mobile phones, tablets,
computers and the internet, both in the home and school environment.  With children being exposed to technology from a
younger age tha...
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