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Heavy Metal, Ecology, OSR & Beer
Heavy Metal, Ecology, OSR & Beer

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Please give this project your consideration.
Glynn Seal has done so much to make the OSR awesome and here he is doing it again.
"The Midderlands" Kickstarter campaign by Glynn Seal of +MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal) (MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing) is in its final six days. As I write this, the project is 68% funded. If you are one of my gaming pals here at G+, please give it a look. I've been working with Glynn for years, and I have a huge respect for him. I recently cobbled together this testimonial for Glynn and his work:


When it comes to art, cartography, and game design, there is no one more committed to excellence than Mr. Glynn Seal of MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing. For three years I have been collaborating with Glynn, and each experience has been fantastic. Glynn is a pleasure to work with. He’s both incredibly creative and super organized. He’s a great communicator, punctual, and also very adaptive, able to adjust on the fly. In the field of tabletop RPG design, I’ve provided Glynn with very specific map sketches to develop and expand upon, and each time he’s produced brilliant work; in other instances, Glynn has shown a capacity to develop compelling maps from whole cloth, with only barebones instruction and no sketches from which to reference. Although maps are a specialty of Glynn’s, he’s also an accomplished artist. He’s produced a variety of innovative illustrations for me, as well as graphic design elements. Glynn is also familiar with a variety of graphic and design software programs. Using his exceptional skills, he can provide you with a variety of 3D models that simulate various camera angles for your creative project. This means options, many options from which to choose! I really can’t say enough good things about Glynn Seal of MonkeyBlood Design & Publishing. He’s the best in the business.


So, this is not some random endorsement on my part. I really believe Glynn is both brilliant and a great guy!

Sad day for Evil DM.
The MurderHobos were actually prepared for the Pit of Chaos.
They busted into mound #7, activated the demonic oracle, found out exactly where the PoC was (point of note, never give too much info when oracles can be found), and then spelled up in the corridor (Pro. Evil, Detect Traps, silence 10', blah blah blah). Then with the 'necessary thing' in hand they raced to the chamber, not allowing any thing to prepare.Kicked open the doors, waved around the thing and proceeded to kick ass. That was the surprise round, initiative was never rolled and poor IBEX never had a chance...
Sad, sad, sad day.

My crew is so close tor the pit of chaos.
Anyone been there yet and if so how did it play out?
I'm not sure that I agree with the 'all remaining monsters flee the area immediately' bit. Perhaps the garden varieties but Ibex-ibydl does not seem like a chicken shit to me.

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Last chance to get this one in print. It is the 'what if' we got a companion for Moldvay/ Cook.
JB's B/X Companion is available in print again!

I can't share in the other B/X community so if anyone who can will share it there, that would be great!

Time has drawn long since our leader Wetmore has given us a feeding. This has forced me to put things in motion. Granted this may have something to do with reading too many BPRD comics and having an affliction for Carcosa, and after running Mr. Norman's Drigbolton adventure. I think I want to destroy my/ours/ the world.
It began with entities falling from the heavens, next will be spacecraft (Barrier Peaks) that could/will release the envoys of Shub-Niggurath while the Yellow King will be pressing on the dimensional boundaries so as to merge Carcosa with the Land of a Thousand Towers. Giant Lovecraftian beasts demolishing the landscape.
Yes, I'm interested in sending our campaign to space (Strange Stars has gotten my attention) and seeing where we end up. Darksun maybe crashing int the Warden.
Dammit I just wanted Under Miami...

I don't know how it's possible but my package from +Gilbert Isla arrived in better condition than when it was sent. Yes, I'm talking super mint. Cheers!

My players are like crack addicts when it comes to runic tablets.
They know that they can be deadly.
Previous session they had one blow-up and their insane fairy companion was afflicted with insanity. Making her sane and causing her to fly for her life. The party were able to blast her with a wand of paralyzation to prevent the escape but the fall almost killed her anyways.
And so we get to last night and they are looking at their pile of tablets. Why don't we read some?
I offer up that it could kill you.
And so a player reads a tablet rolls a one and fails his save vs. death.
As the tablet begins to crumble into dust Calvin's hands begin doing the same..
Moments later we have a pile of dust and equipment.
Obi-Wan Kenobi has left the building..

Intelligent undead are intelligent.
My group has caught the attention of Gormen-Ghast. He has regularly toyed with them, throwing brainless minions and leaving body parts around to cause confusion: stacks of eyes, urns of teeth and trails of toes.
It was playing with his food for Gormen until the party defiled a shrine to Nergal. now he is hunting them with intent.
He has made for a fun reoccurring mini-villain. Now whenever there is wandering dead the party freaks out that Gormen is lurking, waiting to spring a larger ambush or at least magic missiles at each spell caster.
This disruption tactic has been used to great effect, blew the head off an elf (Torvic of Boon Companions fame). Also successfully lured the party into a trap while he (it) was invisible. Used dismembered legs to leave a bloody trail right to a room of animated statues.
The party hates and fears Gormen-Ghast, I had done well.

My issue Four has finally fucking arrived.
Ordered December 21
Shipped, purportedly, December 28
Interestingly the package suggests that it may have shipped Jan 24
Perhaps a little QC by OBS is in order.

Now I can order Five.
Hopefully in time for Christmas.
Bloody hell.

+Joseph Bloch A few questions..
1) Why do Jesters have lightning bolt at 2nd level? Granted they are 5th level but neophyte spell casters at the same time. Im probably just being a curmudgeon.
2) Is there an errata list for AD&D?
3) Will Project Oasis be available POD?

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