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Before the FA I had this lineup
1. Bledsoe/Lowry/Thomas
2. Kobe
3. Ariza
4. Randle/Monroe
5. Gasol

1. Marshall
2. Bazemore
3. Young
4. Randle/Hill
5. Monroe

This is not a championship caliber team by any means but I truly think this is a playoff team. Maybe just enough to get into the playoffs but at least it makes the us somewhat relevant again. And the Lakers can build from that to get the big FAs next season. I don't think Carmelo is the answer for the Lakers to become relevant again. It wouldn't be bad if he comes but I don't think settling for 7th or 8th seed would warrant the Lakers going over the cap just so he gets the help he needs.
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Considering we will probably have a high draft pick again next year, we don't even own the draft pick anymore. Instead, we have Houston mid-20 pick. 😈
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Cris Castillon

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RNGesus! Pakauwaw! Hahaha!
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Cris Castillon

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Got multiple tabs on. A couple for the +NBA free agency and one for +Paranoid Android.
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Cris Castillon

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Me when they announced there is a preview build. Been using L as a daily driver but it's too unstable for me. Will be going back to PA tomorrow just in time for the weekly update. 😃
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Cris Castillon

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Or, you know, use Google Wallet. See here:
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Cris Castillon

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Bosh to the Spurs?
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Just speculation at this point.
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Farewell. pau
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Ironically, Google+'s app on #AndroidL is still on the previous version. Google pls.
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Cris Castillon

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Right and left swipes should be disabled when pinching to zoom.
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+Jason Newman Just because it's not very hard to code, does not mean it can't be done. I have very little experience in app development but if there is a team behind this app who are experienced enough to make an extremely popular browser, it shouldn't be hard to implement this feature, even if it takes a while.

That feature may well be the easiest thing they could implement since the app started, and they wouldn't even have known until +Cris Castillon posted this. The point of the beta test is to see what other people want in an app, try and implement that idea and iron out the bugs that come with the multiple other ideas that was turned to code.

To outright dismiss the very request for an option that (from what I can gather) existed in the first place is ridiculously rude of you considering that (again, from the fact that your name in this group doesn't come up as ADMIN or MODERATOR) you probably don't work for the company.

If you want to tell someone it's hard to code something and it will have a very low chance of their REASONABLE idea implemented, then you do not understand what the point of an open public beta is for.

Oh, and try not to be disappointed.
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