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The one thing I like about System Engineering is that it's never boring :P

I am eagerly awaiting the new Ubuntu Phone operating system :)

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                                         Superbus Dubai
This is the world's first super bus, crafted with state-of-the-art materials which seats 23 passengers and had a top speed of 155mph (250kmh).Developed in Holland by an astronaut and a former Formula One aerodynamics expert, the midnight-blue, electric-powered vehicle costs £7million and was flown to the United Arab Emirates where it will be used by a sheikh.The hi-tech bus means he will be able to complete the 75-mile commute from Dubai to neighbouring Abu Dhabi in under 30 is 49ft long (15 metres), 8ft wide (2.5 metres) and 5ft 5in high (1.65 metres).
YouTube: Superbus Dubai

Who else thinks that diskpart is the hell of a must have tool ? 

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Major blow to Apple as one of its key patents is invalidated. The patent helped it win a 1 billion dollar judgement against Samsung !

#patentwars   #apple   #samsung   #applevssamsung   #euromaestro  

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has dealt a blow to Apple in its legal battle with Samsung Electronics over smartphone patents, declaring that a patent that helped Apple win $1.05 billion in damages against Samsung in a jury trial should not have been granted.

Read the New York Times article !

Apple is expected to appeal the patent office’s ruling, so the patent has not been invalidated yet.

The patent, No. 7,844,915, is one of six that a jury in August found that Samsung had infringed. It covers usability software that distinguishes between single-touch and multitouch gestures on a smartphone or tablet screen.

The patent is widely known as the “pinch to zoom” patent, but the software is actually narrower in scope.

Apple’s legal documents refer to it as controlling a “scroll versus gesture” feature.

What do you think ?

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This guy knows how to have fun with his job! 

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Hey guys \o_

I created a humble dev-corner community/group - care to join? :-)

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