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These favorite picture book authors have very special spots on our bookshelves! If you're looking for a short list of go-to authors for your trips to the library, I've gotcha covered!

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Thanks to +Pam Barnhill and her #HomeschoolSolutions podcast, you can now LISTEN to this blog post!

6 Tips for Homeschooling and Early Reader will help you confidently teach (or not) your little smarty-pants. :)

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This is an incredible resource for teaching with unit studies!

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Homeschool Unit Studies
Unit studies can be the perfect curriculum option no matter your homeschooling style. Whether you use them as your main mode of learning or throw in a unit study here or there to spice up the schedule, you’ll find they pack a lot of learning!
Hosted by +Cindy West:
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I think this is my favorite interview ever! Brain training can make SUCH a difference in homeschooling and I'm on a mission to spread the word.

The #HomeschoolSnapshots Podcast is one of my very, very favorites, so you can imagine how honored I was to talk about #braintraining there!

+Pam Barnhill #ihsnet #homeschool #specialneeds #morningtime

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I haven't met a kid yet who doesn't love candy math. These 25 lesson ideas for elementary and middle school students are the best of the best candy math activities out there!

Beat the math doldrums with these ideas!

#livingmath #homeschool #homeschoolmath #candymath #ihsnet #math #creativehomeschooling

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There is a huge list of picture books that I could add to my favorites list. However, there are only a couple hands full of authors who consistently write books that make it to the list.

In this post, I've shared six (of twelve) of our very favorite picture book authors. I just know you're family will enjoy their books as much as we do!

#homeschool #ihsnet #livingliterature #picturebooks #favoriteauthors

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Here's another edition of how to use picture books to teach writing to middle school and homeschool students!

Let's help them rock expository writing. It's really not all that hard when we give them simple-to-use tools!

#homeschool #highschool #middleschool #writing #picturebooks #livingliterature #writinglessons #ihsnet 

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Great review of Coping with the Cold from +Shirley Ann at +Curriculum Choice!
Coping with the Cold NaturExplorers Unit Study
"It’s the perfect time of year to take on a winter themed nature study in our homeschools. I’ve chosen a NaturExplorers product from Shining Dawn Books and +Cindy West to look at how animals cope with the difficult winter season. We often watch the birds visiting our feeder during winter and wonder how they survive such bitterly cold conditions so this seemed like the perfect unit study for us to tackle."

Review by +Shirley Ann:
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Wow. All kinds of homeschool math goodness in one place! The authors of the +Curriculum Choice have pulled together their favorite math advice, curriculum reviews, lesson ideas and more!

Don't miss the giveaway of Loving Living Math!

#homeschool #math #livingmath #curriculumreviews #ihsnet

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I LOVE to dive into my analytics at the end of the year to see what YOUR favorite posts were on Our Journey Westward. I'm always so glad to find that your favorites are usually pretty close to my favorites!

What would you like to see me write about in 2017???

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