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"Launa attack it!" you shout

She throws her sword between the beasts glowing red eyes and charges. Drawing the sword out of the beast she slits it from eyes to chest yet the lichdreki still draws its undying breath.

Gabriel staggers and collapses toward the door less the be allowed to ghouls burst in. He can hold it but a moment.

You pelt the beast with blasts of fire trying to draw its attention. It fails. A lightning blast hits Launa square in the chest and throws her backwards into Gabriel and the door. They are pinned to the door by the beasts lightning. You hear their screams of agony.

Calling on all the strength you have left you increase the amount of fire and undead flesh melts off the dragons backside. It presses the attack against your pinned companions.

"Ahh, damn it all!!!" you shout and leap on the monsters back.

You ring your hands around the monsters neck and ignite your hands. Searing heat pulses from cherry red to orange to yellow to white. You melt the monsters head off at the neck. But not before it's barbed tail finds its way to your backside. The arm length barbs pierce your body.

Blood seeps into your punched lungs as you continue to burn the lichdreki. Soon it is dead. You lay collapsed atop the beast, about to join it. Your last sight before death takes you is that of ghouls breaking through the door and carrying Launa off as tears run down her fair cheeks.

          The End

#CYOA Continued from Part 19:

First chapter:

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This reminds me, I still need to finish Dead Space.

Definite upside to having a day off: it's getting late and my response is fuck it, I'm staying on the couch. Also comfortable dogs are comfortable and the couch makes a great napping spot. The mystery is actually getting my ass off the couch, eventually 😔 but even the best plans have their limits.

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While it should be implied pretty naturally, given how likely folks are to check if they're on a TLS secured page, this is probably a good move.

Master plan executed. Shopping done. Dinner enjoyed. Beer had. Three days off work ahoy.

And I've got a pound of nutter butters and half a gallon of milk. Because I planned ahead!

Coordamnation: not my typo but I like it.

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Fuck, even the bargin bin is cheaper and larger than my drives at home, lol

N, V: Stink eye: how the dog looks at you after you eat an ice cream sandwich and you didn't share any.

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Breaths heavily as the windows fog
High end Android developer board delivers a blazingly fast Android platform without compromise

This is kind of a big deal. Right now most people develop on x86 based systems and test with emulators but this board gives devs a system powerful enough to do native testing and even development.
It's also capable of many other general purpose and application specific tasks from powering high end drones and robots, to HTPC duties, to Linux desktop service.

Personally I think these would be great in a kit like the PiTop laptop kit to give you a fully functional standalone, portable computing device. 

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