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Jackson Dawayen
I ran out of things to say.
I ran out of things to say.

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Losing on a competition wouldn't bother me much. But winning the contest but not notified of winning (despite providing contact details), having the prize stolen, and using my photo without my permission nor accreditation just pisses me off. And what irks me more is the culprit = the representatives of the municipal government. 

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I was on a break from work and ended up looking at some Lea Salonga videos on YouTube. Les Miserables has always been one of my favorites. From my dad's fully memorized bedtime story (about early to late 80s), to reading Victor Hugo's book (English translat...

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I hope these things last until I can have a taste. I find it interesting.

Death in the family. One after the other. It feels like Final Destination. This is screwing my brain.

Holiday season could be one of the most dangerous couple of weeks for anyone with depression. 

Brother-in-law just found a baby tarantula in our home. Thank you, stupid people for importing such dangerous animals and just letting them loose in public. Now, it's time to find out if we have anti-venom here that EXISTS, ACCESSIBLE and CHEAP!

I heard that a guy promoting safe sex practice and HIV testing was shunned by many because he was promoting premarital sex. Talk about backwards thinking. 

For more than 2 decades, anger has been my strength. It was what kept me sane. Now that I seem to be losing that one thing that is my character, I'm left with nothing but confusion, uncertainty, and constant doubt. 
It's hard to explain how a person you love could give you the gift of freedom and calm. But in return, a curse of losing yourself.
I'm simply confused.

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Once You Cheat, There's No Turning Back
It was considered cheating.  I was caught flirting with other people through text messaging, while in front of my loved one.  So be it.  I was given another chance... So what is the problem?  For some reason, cheating seems to be a sin that lingers in the m...
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