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MSSQL: How to replicate to readonly database?
First, I have to apologize, title of article lies - it is unfortunately impossible to set up replication into the READ-ONLY database. One of the reasons why we want to have the target database is read-only, is the need to avoid direct changes of data in it....

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MSSQL - Immediately PRINT big messages - max 8000 bytes (4000 unicode characters)
Transact-SQL function PRINT has two disadvatages: - is limited for 8000 bytes - 8000 VARCHAR characters or 4000 NVARCHAR (unicode) characters - does not send messages immediately to the client, usually user have to wait until the procedure is complete befor...

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MSSQL - Convert speсial types to strings or HTML:<br/>MONEY to string, DATETIME to string, GUID or UNIQUEIDENTIFIER to string, VARBINARY or BINARY to string, XML to string, TIMESTAMP to string
Most of datatypes is relative simple convert to a string. For this we can use the CONVERT() or even the CAST() function: SELECT int_as_string = CONVERT(VARCHAR(20), int_field) FROM MyTable;

SELECT int_as_string = CAST(int_field AS VARCHAR(20)) FROM MyTabl...

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MSSQL - Kill all my processes (except current)
Template to kill all my processes (connections) except current USE master

DECLARE @sql VARCHAR(MAX) = '-- Kill all my processes (except current: ' + CAST(@@SPID AS VARCHAR(20)) + ')';
SELECT @sql = @sql + CHAR(13) + CHAR(10) + 'kill ' + CONVERT(varchar(...

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MSSQL - T-SQL stored procedure to replace placeholders in texts
It is often necessary to make the query text from constant pieces and variables. For example we have a many tables with such structure: (
Number INT,
) and we need dynamically, depending of v...

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To get all list of all script objects (VIEWs, SPs, UDFs) which are depending on some other script object we can use help of sys.sql_expression_dependencies system view: SELECT
object_name = OBJECT_NAME(D.referencing_id),

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MSSQL - Very fast method to get statistic (rows and bytes) for all database tables
Typical way to count all rows in the table ist to send such query: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM MyTable; This method has some disadvantages: We can only get a rows count, but not a physical size of table This query works on one table, name of which we have to defin...

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MSSQL - CHANGE TRACKING - How can I get DateTime of changes?
Change tracking is a lightweight solution that provides an efficient change tracking mechanism for applications. You can get more information on the Microsoft Developer Network web site . But on these pages you winn not find an answer on this question: How ...

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MSSQL - Performance tuning of Scalar-Value User Defined Functions (UDFs)
Everybody knows that UDFs which return a single value (Scalar Value User Defined Functions / Scalar UDF) are very slow. It is enough to move the scalar expression in to UDF and query performance will be several times reduced. Yes, it is so and the same time...

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Comming soon ...
Comming soon: IE11 and Windows Server 2003
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