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This a real incident happened to one of my friend and so please read through the complete mail and you would be speechless by the end of the mail. 
It was my usual train journey to home from work boarding the 20:50 train at Paranur. When the train was about to start from Guduvanchery, one Samosa vendor with his empty samosa basket boarded the train sat next to my seat. As the compartment was sparsely crowded and also my destination station is far away, I felt like interacting with the Samosa vendor for sometime as a time pass. 

Me:                              “Innaikku Samosa full sales pola!”                                                    
Samosa Vendor:            Smilingly, “Aamanga Kadavul punniyathula        
                                        innaikku full salesnga” 
Me:                               “Paavamga aanal, Full day ippdi sales pannal  
                                        tired aayida maateengala” 
Samosa Vendor:            “Enna saami seiya.. adhanae pozhappu… Ippdi  
                                        samosa vithakka dan Oru samosaku 75paisa                          
                                        commission kuduppanga” 

Me:                               “Oh appdiya! Oru naalaikku evvalavu Samosa
                                         sales aagum?” 
Samosa Vendor:            “Peak timena 3000-3500 samosa ore aalu
                                       vithuruvom. Dull time na 1000 kooda theradhu..  
                                       Thoraiyama 2000 samosa vippom oru naalaikku” 

I was speechless for a second, since if it is 75paise per samosa and that  guy says he sells at an average of 2000 samosas every day which means his daily earnings is Rs.1500 approx and his monthly earnings come to Rs45000 per month.(OMG!!!) I further intensified my questioner and this time not for time pass but out of curiosity. 
Me:                              “Samosa neenga seiveengala?” 
Samosa vendor:             “Ileenga. Enga mudhalali samosa mastera vachu
                                        seiya solluvaru. Samosa vithu kaasu kuduppom.
                                        Evvalavu vithomo adhukku maenikku 75kaasu nu
                                        pottu kudupparu. 
I was unable to speak a single word further. But that person continued. 
v  Samosa vendor:          “Aana onnunga.. Evvalavu sambadichalum
                                     Kudiliyae poidudu paadhi panam… Meedhi
                                     panatha vachu dan matha businessae odudu” 
Me:                            “Matha businessa! Adhu enna!!” 
Samosa Vendor:          “Land businessunga… Indha samosa kaasa
                                      saethu vachu 2007la Urapakkathula 1.5 grounds
                                      3lakhs ku vaanginaen adha konjam kaalam
                                      munnadi 15Lakhs ku vithaen. Vandha panathula  
                                      5Lakhs ku Uthiramerur la Land vaangi potrukken” 
Me:                             “Micha panatha enna paneenga” 
Samosa Vendor:           “Micha panam 6 Lakhsa Ponnu kalyanathukku odhukki vachuttaen, 4 lakshatha Bankla pottutaen.” 
Me:                               “Sir evvalavu padichirukeenga?” 
Samosa Vendor:           “moonavadhu passunga.. naalavadhula
                                      niruthikitten. Aana ezhuda padikka theriyumunga” 
I was almost in a shocked state and the further statement of him nailed me right in the head. 
Samosa vendor:             “Sir ungala maadhir neraiya paeru Office ku Tie  
                                         Kattitu, Boots pottukittu, English paesittu, AC  
                                         roomla vela seiveenga aana Azhukku thuni  
                                         pottutu irukkara naanga vangara Sambalam
                                         Vaanguveengala nu Sandhegam dan” 
What can I speak after this!! I am talking to a Millionaire!!! 
At this point of time, the train chugged into Chrompet station and the Samosa vendor  started from his seat. 
Samosa vendor:               “Sir, enn station vandruchu.. paakalam…” 
Me:                                 “Paakalamga” 
Well, what can I say after this incident!!!!! JJ 

Saravanan Murugan

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Lying is done with words and also with silence.

Saravanan Murugan

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its sweet like the nectar
of the garden flower,
its soothing like the buzzing
of a bumble bee,
its warm like the rays
of the morning sun,
its the search of a love so pure
which keeps me on the run.

its the pulse in my vein,
the thoughts in my brain,
in every breath that I take,
the smile my lips make,
its in the twinkle of my eye,
till the day I die.

its the dream in my sleep,
its springs freshest leaf;
a love so rare like this
will always be with me for keeps.

its the warmth of my blood,
as my feelings flood,
as says my heart's beat,
its depth touches the ocean's feet.

even if its heart searing pain,
with nothing to gain,
I will feel it as the tear on my cheek,
and without words my soul will speak.

a feeling so sincere,
a bond so strong,
I know my soul will never guide me wrong.

I will wait till my last sunset,
till my heart slows down with a dull ache,
till my eyes are wet,
till I meet my soul's mate,
yes, I will wait.

Saravanan Murugan

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She laughs when you make mistakes,
And cries when you ache.
She tells you silly things,
And loves it when you sing..

So weird and funny but its true
She could make you smile when you're blue.
No matter what people say or do,
She'll always stand beside you

But the sad part is,
You never noticed all of these.
You took her for granted, yes you did
Thought it was ok for she was easy to please.

No chocolates, not even roses
No special dates, never gone to places
But it's ok for it didn't matter
Coz you promised to hold her forever.

Sweet words left unspoken,
Romantic moments never happened.
But though you never did what's in her dream,
Holding her hand had always been a perfect scene.

I laugh when you make mistakes
And cry when you ache.
I tell you silly things
I love it when you sing.

So weird and funny but it's true
I've fallen so deeply in love with you
And no matter what people say or do
I'll be here forever loving you.

Simple gestures of love give me shiver
It's like a promise of love forever
And though were not perfect I wont ask for more
Coz you're the only one I've ever dreamt for!!
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Saravanan Murugan

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In your arms,
I’m in my safe haven.
With you holding me tight,
I have no other craving.

All I need,
is that one look,
that says you’re always there,
just like in a fairy-tale book.

Your eyes talk to me,
as the world stands still.
My once empty heart,
now with love does fill.

Your eyes tell me,
that you'll love me everyday.
No matter what may come,
you'll be there to stay.

I tell you everything
and never with a lie.
All my worldly secrets,
and everything that once made me cry.

Everything in my past,
with you I can forget it all.
I know I can trust you,
to catch me if I fall.

If only I could explain,
how much love I have for you.
Then maybe, just maybe
you'd feel it too.

Saravanan Murugan

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To hold you close to have you near
To have my breath against your ear
Whispering the words I long to say
Being able to show you my passion in that special way,
The loving, caressing, kissing would feel so right
Expressing our love right through the night
Our bodies joined as one in pure ecstasy
Thrusting, moaning, loving as You become part of me
Reaching that point there is no going above
Our bodies explode together in out throes of love
After, cuddling, laughing, talking all part of us too
I look up smile and say I love you.

Saravanan Murugan

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