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Aman Srivastava just unlocked Centurion on @QuizUp! -

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Movie Review - Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. 

"To make a sport based movie, wherein the sport involved is not cricket, is a herculean task in India. More so, when the sport is a mono-event type like sprinting. In that view, the movie pulled off the track-and-field scenes really well. Second only to the evident dedication of Farhan Akhtar in bringing out the different phases of the physical attributes of Milkha Singh, the thoughtfulness behind those shots was the biggest plus point of the movie. Every other such shot was different from the last and full of variations. Everywhere, it kept the audience engaged. It moved them in their seats, kept them abreast of the other runners' position while focussing on Milkha, made them feel short of breath at finishing lines, accelerated their heartbeat with high bpm soundtrack and even finished a whole running event without a thud or a mutter. It gave space for hungry-for-inspiration souls to connect to themselves. Right there, lies the beauty."

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Web socket explained
Hi. I published a new version of partial.js - web application framework for node.js. New version supports WebSockets. For more information about partial.js click here: #nodejs   #partialjs   #websocket   #html5   #javascript  

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Navigation drawer .. new !
Very happy to announce a new design pattern for the Android Design Guide: The Navigation Drawer.

Navigation drawers have been a community-driven pattern for a while. We have now formalized its use on the Android platform with a new chapter in the official Android Design Guide. If you're interested in using this pattern in your app, or want to update your existing drawer to match best practices and recommendations, head on over and take a look.
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