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RHQ systems management and monitoring software project
RHQ systems management and monitoring software project

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This presentation will discuss the possibilities of integration of provisioning between RHQ and Fabric8.

If you want to shape the future of RHQ's provisioning, don't hesitate to join us on a public hangout (details of which will follow).

The hangout of the meeting will be on air and the discussion will be possible through G+ and IRC: #rhq@freenode.

Looking forward to see you there!

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Our +Stefan Negrea will tak at the Dallas Java User Group about "NoSQL & SQL = Hybrid Data Storage Architecture"

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RHQ 4.9 has been released with many enhancements and bugfixes.

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RHQ 4.8 

we are currently heavily working on RHQ 4.8, which as a major change gets a Cassandra-backend for metrics (which we may/will extend to other objects in the future).
To make things not more complex to start than they were, we are also working on a new tool 'rhqctl', that is used to start / stop the server and storage and can also used to install a fresh 4.8 setup or to upgrade from an earlier version.

The following does the full upgrade from a running 4.7 instance to 4.8:

$ unzip
$ cd rhq-server-4.8.0-SNAPSHOT
$ bin/rhqctl upgrade --from-server-dir=/tmp/rhq-server-4.7.0 --storage-data-root-dir=/tmp/48/rhq-data --from-agent-dir=/tmp/rhq-agent --run-data-migrator=do-it

This assumes that the old server was in /tmp/rhq-server-4.7.0 and the old agent in /tmp/rhq-agent

If you upgrade an agent like this, it will stay where it was before (in place upgrade)

The -run-data-migrator command migrates all the metrics from the relational storage to Cassandra (without deleting it in the rdbms) - if you want to run the migrator later or pass different options, you can either not pass this option or pass the option 'print-command' to have it print the command line for you to start with. Another option is 'estimate' that will estimate the run time of the migrator but does not run the migration (which can take quite some time)

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RHQ 4.7 released

We have (already some days ago) released RHQ 4.7 which bring the awesome new charts to RHQ.

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RHQ 4.6 released

 Features of this release are:

The internal app server is now JBossAS 7.1.1
GWT has been upgraded to version 2.5
There is a new installer (this has also changed since the 4.6 alpha release)
The REST-Api has been enhanced
Korean translations have been added (contributed by SungUk Jeon)

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RHQ 4.5.1 released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of RHQ 4.5.1. This release is a bugfix release over 4.5 which was announced last week.
Shortly after the release went out, we got a report of a severe issue when upgrading from a previous version of RHQ, so we pulled the release back.

The issue (and another less severe) have been fixed and RHQ 4.5.1 is now available with the fixes.
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