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Michael Wilkinson
Math-Science Teacher at Fieldston Lower
Math-Science Teacher at Fieldston Lower

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Before Apple And Facebook, There Was Something More Revolutionary

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"When I came to college from my Ohio home town, the most intellectually unnerving thing I discovered was how wrong many of my assumptions were about how the world works—whether the natural or the human-made world. I looked to my professors and fellow-students to supply my replacement ideas. Then I returned home with some of those ideas and told my parents everything they’d got wrong (which they just loved). But, even then, I was just replacing one set of received beliefs for another. It took me a long time to recognize the particular mind-set that scientists have. The great physicist Edwin Hubble, speaking at Caltech’s commencement in 1938, said a scientist has “a healthy skepticism, suspended judgement, and disciplined imagination”—not only about other people’s ideas but also about his or her own. The scientist has an experimental mind, not a litigious one." — Atul Gawande on the occasion of CalTach Graduation 10 June 2016

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Do you wish for the chance to work more closely with other teachers? Now introducing Education On Air, a free online conference.

You have the best seat in the house (your own!) All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection to learn with other educators. #GoogleEduOnAir

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What's up for March? A total solar eclipse will be visible from the North Atlantic this month, plus tips to prepare for the 2017 total solar eclipse visible from the U.S. 

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After completing three spacewalks in eight days, astronaut Terry Virts commemorated 50 years of spacewalking mentioning the Soviet Union's first spacewalker Alexey Leonov and NASA's first spacewalker Ed White. Leonov conducted the first spacewalk March 18, 1965. White exited a spacecraft for the first time during Gemini 4 on June 3, 1965. This was NASA's first use of Mission Control Center in Houston when Johnson Space Center was named the Manned Spacecraft Center.

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