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Hi. I like you. Wanna' be friends?
Hi. I like you. Wanna' be friends?

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PSA: Internet of Things Sucks
Here’s a cautionary tale about the future of the internet: an over three-hour outage in an obscure, if tremendously profitable, wing of online retailer Amazon resulted not only in websites such as Medium and Business Insider failing, but also in people unable to turn on their lights.

#iot #internetofthings

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AMD Ryzen Review Goes Up Early
A reviewer who had to buy a CPU from retail and thus wasn't under an NDA has released a number of benchmarks.

An Iranian website has posted a review of the Ryzen 1700X and the numbers are even better than the earlier leaks. AMD's $349 CPU outperforms Intel's 6950X, a $1,700 CPU, in some tests. Not just get close - outperforms!

The below link goes to a Google translate page, so it takes awhile to load. Give it a moment. It's worth the wait.

#amd #ryzen #intel

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AMD Removes Intel's Ass, Hands It To Them
Hahahahahahaha! Awesome.

Every benchmark only gets better. Hooray for competition!

#AMD #ryzen #intel

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AMD Gearing Up To Launch Ryzen. Less Than 24 Hours To Go.
This magazine will basically turn into all Ryzen all the time.

I am buying the shit out of all of this.

#AMD #ryzen #intel #cpu #processors

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Ajit Pai Says Light Touch Regulation Is Best. Reality Says Otherwise.
Pai appears to need a primer on how the industry works.

Ajit Pai is just as bad as everyone feared. He's dogmatic, arrogant, and apparently ignorant of basic recent history. I mean, this shit ain't hard to learn. It is on the record, right there, for anyone to read.

So here's an article written by someone who's entire life is dedicated to following the long-running shit show that is America's union of technology and law.

Long story short, Pai may point to the return of unlimited data plans as a testament to competition, but it is a poor testament. For one thing, they aren't actually unlimited. For another thing, this is a response to a tiny amount of competition from T-Mobile, which has been more or less a charade. T-Mobile has openly admitted that they aren't competing on price, they're simply trying to target customer pain points.

You can't say competition is good when you are protecting an industry that works very hard, and uses the "small" government for help, to prevent actual competition from arising.

#freemarket #ajitpai #fcc #communications 

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More Reports of Harrasment and Abuse Come Out of Silicon Valley
In the wake of reports from Uber, more women and minorities are giving reports of widespread abuses in Silicon Valley's frat-like atmosphere.

I feel like the Web 2.0 movie should be called Rise of The Bro-grammers.

#siliconvalley #startups #tech #uber

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Here is Betsy DeVos’s actual news release about meeting with presidents of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, in which she praised them as “pioneers when it comes to school choice.”

“Wait, school choice?” you may well be asking yourself. “Does she mean choice in the sense that, if these institutions had not been pioneers during the era of racial segregation, black students would have had the choice to go to school or go nowhere? Does she not know what the word ‘choice’ means?”

#trump #betsydevos #education

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