Goodbye, Firefox

After a great deal of soul-searching, we have decided to end development of all versions of AdBlock for Firefox (desktop and Android). This was a tough decision, one we’ve struggled with for several months. In the end it came down to a simple question: Can we continue to develop AdBlock for Firefox and still do all the great things we have in mind for AdBlock for Chrome, Safari, Opera, iOS, and eventually Edge? The answer, regrettably, is no. We have one full-time developer and one part-time student volunteer who want a life outside of AdBlock (go figure). Something had to go. Our Firefox users, while loyal to the core, make up less than 1% of our user base. It just makes sense to devote our limited resources to where we can do the most good.

But we’re not leaving you in the lurch, loyal Firefox fans! AdBlock for Firefox will still be available for download, and we’re happy to give you a hand using it. We encourage you to move to Adblock Plus (ABP), however. Although we are the most popular extension for Chrome and Safari for good reason, our friendly rival is a fine ad blocker for Firefox.

You can read more about why we came to this decision (and get instructions for installing AdBlock for desktop Firefox) in this Knowledge Base article:

Here’s to our Firefox users! We’re going to miss you.


The AdBlock Team
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