How Do We REALLY Feel About People Using Google+ Profiles for Marketing Purposes?

The results from last weeks G+ survey are in and available on my blog below. I've included the responses to each question along with the interpretation & analysis of the various nuances of the survey design.

I would welcome any feedback on the results & analysis and have tried to provide suggestions about how to apply digital marketing techniques within Google+ using the findings.Please use this thread for discussing the post results.


Feel like talking bout this? I can do a hangout this Thursday to discuss at 8PM GMT (= 9PM CEST Paris / 3PM EDT New York / 2PM CDT Chicago). I'll be online for 30 minutes if you wish to drop by.

A massive thank you to everybody on Google+ who shared the post, those who +1’d it and everybody who participated filling out the survey. In addition, several people contacted me directly with votes of support, fresh ideas and viewpoints and possible suggestions for future surveys which was most helpful. Finally, thanks to +Patrick Sharpe for reviewing and contributing question ideas prior to the survey going out.

Cheers, Rod :§)>

FAQs about the survey

Why did the survey focus on your first impressions & reactions to marketing techniques in G+?

Why did the survey focus on negative punishment reactions only?

Why did the survey focus specifically on detailing sole traders who use Google+ Profiles?

Why did the survey NOT cover prolonged exposure to marketing by an individual you know?

Why did the survey NOT cover the upper limits of tolerance to post frequency (e.g. reaction to 5/10/15 marketing posts from one person)?

Why did the survey NOT query the positive reactions and rewards of marketing?

And lastly an FYI: Heres the original G+ post promoting the survey

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