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The One Wine I Can Ever Remember
Melbourne, Australia. 1996.

The Australian housemates I lived with in Melbourne were an inspiration and shaped some of my better personality traits thanks to their good example. But before this turns into an Oscar acceptance speech, they also taught me about wine :§)>

Not in a ‘swilling Blue Nun’ way or a poncey ‘Oh Marjorie can you appreciate the delicate nougat-y bouquet’ sense. Nope. They taught me about how a great wine can complement a great moment, event or context.

Read on....
A reminiscence about a beautiful moment in time when wine matched a wonderful context, environment and set of friendships.
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It’s too early to talk about wine now best to wait until wine o’clock :-)
Yep, sorry. Jumped the gun on this. It was my ode to the wonderful +Peter Lehmann Wines who've joined us here in G+ land :)
+Eileen O'Duffy she's a comic! :)

I've never drank wine before, but I've never drank much of anything before really.
Eileens great alright :)
No harm not drinking +Patrick Sharpe. Lot of pressure on younger people to drink to extreme in social environments, when theres a lot to be said for keeping a clear head.
I didn't say my head has always been so clear +Rod Dunne . It just wasn't ever alcohol related. I PLEAD THE FIFTH!
Alcohol has never agreed with me, really. While everyone seems to enjoy the taste or the particular feeling it gives them, for some reason I don't. I've learned long ago that I'm just typically wired differently than everyone else. I'm even missing the gene that can taste aspirin, how weird is that?
I'd say its not uncommon Pat. I've got a weird gene that makes me pass out after eating brie/camembert cheese like i've been given anesthetic.
+Terris Linenbach Yes, the Lehman wines are still as good as I remember :c). The context & environment change, and probably aren't as good, but the thought of that first bottle Vine Vale Black Shiraz is still there every time I hear the cork pop on a new bottle :)
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