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Project Management Interest Circle

Following my call to arms post a few week back ( I can now re-share out a small circle focused around Project Management & PMO interests.

Rather than just restrict it to anyone in PM/PMO/Scrum roles it seemed fair to open this to anyone with an interest in project management, or who use the methodologies within their roles.

We're starting with a tidy group of 22. I'm up for engaging on any academic nature of our work, ways to improve process, and so on.

As I said in the post, this is irrespective of methodology as we all have our favorites and each approach have benefits. As one Managing Director said to me before "_I don't care which methodology use Rod, as long as you settle on properly using one alone_"

I'll periodically share this out again as more interested parties come forward.

Cheers, +Rod Dunne

#projectmanagement #pmo #pmi #prince2 #scrum #agile #waterfalldevelopment #xp #extremeprogramming #kanban
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any place for a front-line six sigma type in future iterations? :)
You're in +Phill Hocking ! I only reshare it every fortnight or so, but you'll be in the next one.
That's an interesting set of hashtags you've got +Rod Dunne would be useful to see what the Top 4 or 5 PM tools/apps are most widely used by the Group? I find handy for non-tech oriented SMB's albeit overly simple compared to most SaaS tools I've considered
+Rod Dunne That's a great idea. I'd like to learn more and partake where possible (I'm web developer and aspiring PM). Would you please include me in your circle? Thanks!
Thanks for sharing this circle. Helps to excange between different agile cultures. Would be nice to join ...
In order for this to work, we all have to add each other or gather on a common Google+ Page.
Out of 21 people only 8 have me circled.

This is one of the weak points of Google+. We can't create "groups" after interest.
People adding me for PM related topics, might uncircle me as more than 95% of what I post is unrelated to the topic.
We really need a better way of gathering around a common interest.
+Hakan Gül - One option is to post your PM posts to 'Public' as well as to the 'PM Interest Circle' - but before hitting 'Share' you hover your cursor over the 'PM Interest Circle' and select 'Notify via Email' .... at least this way the PM emails are more targeted to this interest group. This method also means the post is Public so can be shared and found by other PMs who may wish to join in discussions.

I agree having a PM Page would be better, but I'm using Google Pages already and frankly am finding them frustratingly bad for engagement and building up discussions. I agree that G+ still has some way to go to share 'groups' but for the moment these circles seem to be the only option :(
Notification of a circle is the way to go. But I don't like it.
But for it to really work, all the people in the circle who will post should add the circle. Otherwise most people won't get notified.
I'm painfully aware of the shortcomings ;)
I have a page as well and there I don't even get a notification (in the bar) if the page gets mentioned. It is irritating. I don't want to check my Gmail for notifications.
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