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New rules affect Statement of Economic Interests filing
The annual Statements of Economic Interests disclosures are due on March 30 at noon. It’s a good time to start gathering and organizing the information needed to
complete the form because this year’s filing has a new requirement.  Thanks to a
bill passed in...

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The debate over the future of the state's pension systems has drawn substantial attention in recent weeks.  This week, the House passed its budget that includes funding for 1 percent of the 2 percent increase in employer contributions. More details on the b...

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Sunshine Week question: adding agenda items
In 2015, the General Assembly clarified
how a public body can amend an agenda for regular, special, called or
rescheduled meetings after the meeting has already begun. The new law, Act 70 ,
addressed the posting of meeting notices, stating that meeting a...

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Let the sun shine in
Sunshine Week is
March 12 – 19 focusing on the importance of transparency  and open government. The March Uptown includes
five articles focusing on open government best practices. Top FOIA questions from Bill Rogers, executive director of the S.C. Press Ass...

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Court case spotlights law enforcement and social media
media can be a blessing or a curse for law enforcement. A recent case in the U.S.
Court of Appeals 4 th Circuit ruled one police department’s social
media policy infringed on an officer’s First Amendment right to speak. In
the case of Liverman
v. Cit...

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This week's Hometown Legislative Action Day and the Municipal Elected Officials Institute brought more than 500 local officials to Columbia for a day of training and a day of advocating for city issues. Attendees can share their feedback about the day with ...

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Sneak peek at February Uptown: Law enforcement training trends
By Sarita
Chourey , Uptown editor/content manager   Officers training at the Criminal Justice Academy ( credit/Florence McCants) Vetting new
police recruits on the front end can do a lot to help departments move new
hires through the S.C. Criminal Justice A...

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FCC threatens to limit local land use authority on wireless siting
By Angelina Panettieri , Principal Associate for Technology and Communications, National League of Cities Late last month, the Federal Communications
Commission issued a  public
notice  seeking comment on two topics that could shape the
future of city contr...

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Hometown Legislative Action Day just around the corner
Listen to the City Quick Connect podcast featuring the Association's legislative team with more details about what's on tap for Hometown Legislative Action Day. In less than three weeks, more than 500 local officials will
travel to Columbia to meet with the...

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By Meredith Kaiser, loss control consultant for the SC Municipal Insurance Insurance Trust and SC Municipal Insurance Risk and Financing Fund It’s the start of a new year and resolutions abound. How
many among us have said, “I need to be more present in my ...
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