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Tech enthusiast, learner & educator
Tech enthusiast, learner & educator

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For educators, here are my GAFE resources links:
- GAFE G+ page:
- Tech Apps Collection:
- Classroom site:

Is anybody else seriously affected by the retiring of Dropbox Public Folders and the fact that all links in archives, documents and websites pointing to those public documents will be rendered useless when this takes effect? If so, here's a place to add a comment (or plea!):

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4 of the Most Underrated Features in the free VLC Video Player

VideoLAN Player (known commonly as VLC or VLC Player) has been around for many years and has seen widespread use on both Linux and Windows because of its insane amount of versatility and comprehensive set of features that many other video players failed to deliver. Linux users saw it as the Holy Grail of video playback (to the point of it being included as a pre-installed application in Linux Mint and other distributions), while Windows users saw it as a great replacement for the clunky, lopsided, and resource-hungry Windows Media Player.

And just when you thought you couldn’t love VLC any more than you already do, there are a number of underrated but powerful features that will be just enough to push you over that line. Some of them have already been mentioned here, such as the ability to convert video files and rip DVDs or even play YouTube videos. There are a few more hidden gems, though, that really demonstrate just how amazing VLC is, including a feature that came out in late 2016.


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Some Tech Apps resources cross-posted from my GAFE account :)
This week in Tech Apps classes we're exploring:
- Canva Presentations
- Pixlr color-fills (video demo included)
- Graffiti text creator
- Futurism infographics
- Google Deep Dreams Generator (video demo included)
- OneTab CenTex holiday events links list
- A Streetview light-art skate park in France

The link to the plans for this week to date as students will see them is included below, or you can checkout all plans with all activities for the last 5 years at

Hope you find something you can use here!

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Cool site for the listless :)

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