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I Survived AIDS
I Survived AIDS

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Freedom Hike
Hiking, trekking, mountaineering, waterfalls. Yes, I have done these a few times before, but only at
rare times. Last time was when I went to Mt. Pinatubo. Before that was several
years prior… back in college, as part of a mandatory community service in

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13 Reasons Why Buffet 101 - Eastwood is the Worst
I've been frequenting Buffet 101. Why not? It's value for money. Serving quality food at a reasonable price. But dude... the Eastwood branch of Buffet 101 is such a mess! Worst branch! 13 reasons why:   Shrimps and Crabs - For me, one of Buffet 101's main a...

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Bulaklaking Taxi
I had my car serviced last weekend. So I booked a cab using GrabTaxi. Interesting, the driver's name is Richard Bulaclac. Then came the cab.  His cab totally transported me into a different world. A whole bunch of bulaklak around me! Para akong nasa Santacr...

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Avengers Weekend
Last week was the weekend before Labor Day. It was an Avengers weekend. All cineamas were literally showing The Avengers! So, I bought my tickets online. Seats for 2, reserved! While watching, I
tried to recall when my movie in a cinema was? Hmmm.. guess wh...

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Covey's Circle of Influence
I just attended a Franklin Covey training course. One topic was about Circle of Influence. In summary, Stephen Covey says that : "Your
Circle of Influence includes those things you can affect directly. Your
Circle of Concern includes all those things you ...

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2014 was the year when I...
January 2014, I posted a blog “2013 was my worst year ever”
for having been hospitalized 3 times, staying more than 1.5 months in total in hospitals,
and for being seriously ill (almost died type of illnesses) with Stage 4 AIDS-related
infections. So, what ...

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Intimate Noche Buena
I so love Christmas… the happiest time of the year! Christmas
tree, decors, “cold” weather, carols, gifts, bibingka, Christmas parties,  Christmas bonus, Noche Buena. I love
everything about Christmas, except one -- Christmas Shopping! I despise it! Especia...

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Mercury Buffet
Glaxo, Pfizer, Unilab, Sandoz, Rhea, Globaxol.... these have become household names. No, I'm not a doctor, nor am I a med rep. But, because I've been their loyal customer for 1.5 years.  18 months back, I was a drug-addict. Not with shabu, but with RX drugs...

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First Travel as a Pozzie
I know that Singapore is not HIV friendly. They deport PLHIV if they found out they're positive. Unfortunately, I needed to go to Singapore for a business trip. My first ever trip as a pozzie. What do I do? Fortunately, an SG-based pinoy member replied to m...
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