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Multiple lidar sets provide not only an overlapping view forward and aft, but also a close-up view of the side

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Mark Montgomery

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@iasaGlobal Machine Learning eConference talks are now posted, including mine on distributed #AI systems @kyield

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Mark Montgomery

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“If a company isn’t innovative and its products aren’t unique, they won’t survive in the shark tank that is the auto supply sector,” said Peter Fuss, a partner at EY’s automotive advisory unit.
The auto industry’s self-driving revolution has spurred the biggest two years of car-supplier takeovers in a decade, with more coming as parts makers struggle to keep up with the pace of technological transformation.

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A small group of giant companies—some old, some new—are once again dominating the global economy, says Adrian Wooldridge. Is that a good or a bad thing?

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Little Lewis, my son, I see some evidence that you have the ability to learn science, number and proportions, and I recognize your…

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I was skeptical when Stanford jumped on this 100 year project as it looked defensive and effort to control with sponsors, but this report is fairly tame--summary, nothing new for researchers or practitioners, though in general agreement.

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@iasaGlobal Machine Learning eConference talks are now posted, including mine on distributed #AI systems @kyield 
Atlanta · Austin · Brazil, Porto Alegre · Canada · Colombia · Costa Rica · Denver · Minnesota · New York · Puget Sound, Seattle · Raleigh · Southeast Florida · Utah · Europe · Germany · Ireland · Netherlands · Poland · Romania · Spain · Sweden · United Kingdom.

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What: ‘Distributed AI Systems for Optimizing Human and Machine Intelligence’ When: Wednesday, 8/17/16 at 11am CDT for live version, IASA Full Members can access recorded version Where: IASA Global eSummit on Machine Learning (free with registration ) I would like to thank Doug McDavid for recommending me as a presenter to IASA Global and for

Mark Montgomery

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Time slot for my talk on distributed AI systems on Aug. 17th is 11 am CDT. All day event, 1hr each w/Q&A, live version is free with registration--recorded for members only. Thanks. 
On the third Wednesday of each month Iasa hosts a Virtual Conference that runs on a real-time schedule. This month’s eSummit features highly recognized subject matter experts in Machine Learning. Interactive webcasts are offered in real-time, while presenter show visuals such as PowerPoint slides and desktop applications. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the presenters
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    Serial entrepreneur, inventor, adviser, investor, writer, thinker, present
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