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Social Web Design
Web Design integrated With Social Media Pages Designed to Market You Brand
Web Design integrated With Social Media Pages Designed to Market You Brand


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Social and Mobile Web Design & Web Development

Having a website is not enough these days. Your website needs to be integrated with your Social Profile and, since the Mobile Internet Traffic grows every year, your website needs to be optimised for Mobile Devices. The all-in-one web solution we are offering includes all these important elements.
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We really enjoyed developing Addiction Counsellors of Ireland new website. For us it was a pleasure working with the staff and a very rewarding project to undertake. We hope it helps Addiction Counsellors of Ireland help lots of people with addictions. 
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Social Media Links part of the New SEO!
In Google Analytics we are now provided with information on how Social media websites interact with our websites and Google has clearly integrated Social Media links into their complex algorithm. Google provides us with clear information on visits from Social Media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to mention a few and they give us  a clear breakdown of traffic, time on site and what device the user is using. This information demonstrates that google is using this information for ranking your website in the organic SERPs. Links from Social Websites are important and becoming more so! Who is talking about your website on Social Media? Have you got a Social Media presence that brings at least 15% of your websites hits? If not you should talk to us about SEO we can help you and your business  achieve your goals. 
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Social search has long been referred to  as the "next big thing." The opportunity to create the search engine for people is too enticing; the prize being held above all others in the race to build the next Google.
And yes Facebook Graph Search is on the way, searches based on Social Media.
Is your business implementing Social Media today? if not talk to us! and let us design a platform to launch Social Media for your business. After all its about making money for you! why not call us?
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If its important for your business to rank high in Google's organic search results you have to be able to implement changes fast for example has your website got an SSL cert? Google will rank websites higher if they have an SSL. Perhaps you don't have the time or expertise to keep up? With all websites developed by Social Web Design they are designed with the latest Google requirements.  We will keep you notified of all new changes long after your website is developed by us.
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Did you know that we build websites with social media pages from an amazing €399 Do you own a small business? Are you a sole trader? Do you have a website? Your competitors probably do! 
Call us and have a chat about getting your website started, its probably a lot easier than you think. #webdesign   #socialmedia  
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