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I really like the idea of the Cypher System Book, but I must say that The Strange is already a really easy game to mod. I´m in the 4th adventure of a heavily modified Fringe-like game with parallel
dimensions and Cthulhu Mythos, using the background of my group previous campaigns (another GM in GURPS) and it´s really easy to adapt and use ideas from the players on the fly.

I had backed the Strange and was eager to use the book to do a pulp investigative scenario, so I mixed Cypher with some ideas of Gumshoe and it´s great with little effort from my part.

Next, I will add the improvised campaign style of The Armitage Files  in the game and find a way to incorporate Ruk (which in my game is an earth parallel dimension with wild science in place of magic) where the organization for what the players work is "evil" and has dominated the world.

About Armitage Files:  Are there in the texts many references to the 1930s?
I would like to use it in my campaign, but it´s set in 2014. I was thinking about documents that remained lost until today and then were sent to the hands of the players PCs, and they would have to follow the trail of the long time past professor mad writings...  

Do we already have a The Strange fillable character sheet pdf?
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