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What's your .moe?
What's your .moe?

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If you haven't heard the news yet, is offering a great deal on .moe domains RIGHT NOW!

If you've been having an internal battle with the little MOE voices in your head, now is the time to give in and pick up a .moe domain.

#moe   #domainnames  

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Last chance to get a sweet deal on a .moe domain!
New registrations are only 7.99 USD over at +Dynadot

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We're excited to be celebrating Moe Day (10/10) all week with eight select registrars.

Check out this site to find the best deals on new .moe domain name registrations!

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Happy Belated Anniversary to!!! 
Happy Moe-day and also happy birthday!

It's already been two years since I started the blog To summarize the past year I made a short video which you can now view below.

Visit the page below for more info about the past year:

What is your favorite post or photo from the past year?

We now have our winners! The correct answer to the quiz was ☆Moe Day☆. When 10/10 is written traditionally in Japanese, 十月十日 = 萌 = Moe Day!
Teaser: Keep your eyes open for special deals on Moe Day!

♪Hello〜♪ We’ve got a #moedomain 8GB USB drive and some .moe stickers up for grabs. First person to respond to the following question with the answer we’re looking for wins the prize!

Quiz Question: What is significant about October 10th?

(Remember, there may be multiple answers, but we’re looking something very particular. )

Good Luck!

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So, who is interested in winning some .moe stickers and a .moe 8GB USB drive? You just have to be the first person to correctly answer one quiz question. Keep your eyes on our Facebook, Twitter, G+, and our rarely used Instagram account for the question sometime in the next hour!

Simple ground rules:

There will be one winner (one prize given away) for each social network we are on (listed above). The same question will be asked on each network. We have the sole discretion to determine the winner(s). The same person cannot win more than once. Finally, you will have to get in contact with us to share shipping information. We will send the prize to you via Japan Post (EMS) within five business days after receiving your information. 

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We ran a quick poll yesterday on Twitter (@moedomain) asking users to guess which country they thought the most .moe domains were hosted in.

The results may be surprising to some. Here is a quick post with some answers.

Domain registrants can host their domain anywhere, so if you are interested in knowing the top five countries .moe registrants are from -- we've included that in the post too.

Recently dropped (deleted) #moedomain names that are available for re-registration:


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Go to to find SWEET DEAL on your very own .moe domain (Only 8.99 until Oct. 31).
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