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Elijah MC
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Elijah MC

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NEW : regular shampoo VS dreadlocks shampoo
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Elijah MC

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Elijah MC was in a video call
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Elijah MC

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miss my weight lifting days. Looking pumped dude. sick!

Elijah MC

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Controversy emerging in the Dreadlocks world as new dreadlocks shampoo promotes 'fashion' for dreadlocks.
Dreads UK Original Formula is a new dreadlocks shampoo emerging for the dreadlocks community and critics are outraged stating "dreadlocks are not a fashion thing". People who have tried the shampoo say its the best thing they've had in all their years of dreadlocks. Are dreadlocks only for a certain group of people and not for others?
see what all the fuss is about
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My New Music Video! Out Now!
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What a great and rational suggestion. I hope it comes together.
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0:39:50 Funniest sketch! :D
Have him in circles
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First EVER... UK live virtual festival 
.........for Hangout On Air!

7th - 8th July streaming live on air.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
We currently have 51 radio stations covering this event. Multiple 3rd party websites. some of which has hits in the 10s of millions last year. Last years test run was such a success that Battfest just had to go ahead for a full launch this year.

We are still interested in taking on more people to get involved and are looking for volunteers. 

LINE UP - This is the lineup so far, in no particular order:

Elijah MC, Lisa VonH, Tony Moore and Ilona, Trevor Roots and the Collaborators, Karina Vismara, Robert Vincent, Jenny Hallam, The Dub n Tuff Allstars, The 27 Band, Jack Mason, Donna Fullman, Rosabella Gregory, Sam Batt, Bemis, The Vindickers, Blackheart, John James Appleyard, Dangerous Dinky and Rubbersidedown, Phil Cory, Alex O'Dowd, Unity Division.



Wednesday 17th August 2011
4pm til 7/8pm ish (EST)
9pm til late UK Time

Hosted by the Worlds End in brighton, UK. Show on the big screen in venue!

We are hoping this will be big big big!

To host an open mic night by musicians for musicians to play to the world audience.

The big screen in the 'Worlds End' Brighton with be hosting the Hangout and showcasing all of YOU to play live to its venue audience. Also giving the ability for local artists to play on live stream to all of you. 

We have all now seen people playing from there living room and studios but never before has it ever been run in this way. Here is the opportunity to play from the comfort of your own home to a liv audience via G+ HANGOUT. Also to see some live music from the comfort of your own home.

We will introduce the night with a short videoclip of the set up and venue with your hosts and hopefully we can get the owner of the worlds end to say a bit too. 

We'll see a host of artists perform from the Worlds End. And also throughout the night be offering open slots for any of you who want to perform to give your piece to the Worlds End audience.

We encourage you to get involved with and music, poetry reading and whatever else you'd usually see at an open mic. 

If you know people who would like to perform then please share this with them and also your frends/circles so that we can make this an event to remember!!!

We will be streaming this from other third party sites for peope wanting to view who are not on google or who are not performing and want to watch our G+ community coming together for this first EVER G+ OPEN MIC!

if you are wanting to perform you will need to get into the hangout and you will be given a slot via the chat window to allow plenty of time to get set up and ready to perform. once you have performed please leave the hangout to make way for other performers wanting to play. please ONLY PERFORMERS JOIN THE HANGOUT. non-performers can view the stream.

Streaming on
Bragging rights
Hosted the worlds first ever Open Mic hangout on august 17th 2011
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