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Last weekend we did some paint work in our living room. When I moved the cabinet this little webcrawler popped up. I asked if he worked for Google. He shook his head, muttered something unintelligible, and ran away quickly.
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next to my house in pernambuco brasil
...and ran away quickly...with the tiny microchip cameras mounted at the front of his head. Google interior view
You have tarantulas naturally wandering around? The only spider we have to watch out for are black widows.
Google Interior View??? Shit, if I had known this earlier...;-)
+Susan Myers When I opened this pic on my laptop I was a bit scared too, but IRL he was about 2cm wide. ;-)
I love spiders, they are so versatile. We don't have any dangerous spiders in Belgium though.

Recently, we've got a bunch of little orange spiders. 100's of them. At some moments, they all sit together. But a bit later, they all start floating around and make one big web. In an hour, they can do an entire shrubbery. It's very nice to see them making that web. Their wires are so thin that you barely see it when you don't pay attention.

And a bit later, they all gather again in a small bunch. waiting for some insects to get in the web.
Your orange spiders sound fascinating. We don't have any spiders like that here. I do love our writing spiders. They are very large and make great webs.
Ohh my god. I can't bear looking at it I am totally freaked out by those creepy-crawlies. But I do congratulate you on how marvelously well you took the picture.
Well +Mona Groarke, I'm fully aware of the fact that this pic will cost me a lot of followers. ;-) Nevertheless I wish you sweet dreams and don't let the bed bugs bite you. ;-D
I think I've found what I have:

A nest of young cross-spiders. Apperenly, when they're young, they're orange and live in group. But they're more known as elder spiders, when you see them hanging in the middle of their perfect web:

(when they're bigger, you also see their cross)

+Mona Groarke, if you want to be less afraid of spiders, start looking at cross spiders. They're generally quite slow and fat :D

I think the spider above is some kind of wolf spider: a spider without web, but a very good runner.
Thank you for advice +Sander Deryckere! I've never heard of cross spiders before. I will research them on Internet! Thanks!!!
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