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Sooo disappointed. Watched the first couple of Netflix new Iron Fist. The writing is so awful it makes me want to force the writer to take up a new career FAR away from the entertainment industry. Did they use a failed soap opera writer?

The actors seem OK. Though it seems like Tom Pelphrey is getting direction for a role in another show. Because he's definitely in a different show than everyone else.

Oh and it's fairly damn boring, too. Someone should dig up the best of the comic series and force the writer to read it, Clockwork Orange style. The internet seems to think it's issues 8-14 of Immortal Iron Fist from 2008/2009.

Please someone force Netflix to get better writers. Or force the producers to watch this crap occasionally and call for accountability.

Several hours of my life I could have used to watch paint dry instead.

I dislike when I have to do L2 tech support folks' job for them over the phone. I understand that L1 folks are there to gather data and sort things, but L2 folks should at least be able to do some basic non-scripted triage on their end to figure things out. I feel like problem solving and critical thinking are getting rarer in technical jobs. 🙁

If the customer is telling you where your network links are broken and provides you with IPs, the least you might do is listen. Or escalate to an internal network group that can do the troubleshooting.

If the customer provides you raw data that contradicts the vendor tools' status, might you not escalate to engineering?

I guess the bottom line is that it's hard not to judge people that work in your field or a similar one, no matter how experienced they are. Much like my friends in the medical field always say they make the worst patients, guess I pass judgement rather quickly on engineers, admins and technicians.

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SOCC portals both gone? But their Pokemon things are still there? What gives?

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Oh +Converse  High Tops, is there ANYTHING you can't do?  Hanging with the USN getting the job done.

It's rare for me to praise products in general, but I have found one that stands out. Most people probably would not even like this. My paternal grandfather (sadly departed) would maybe even finally found a sauce he wouldn't have whined needed more horseradish. +St. Elmo Steak House​ cocktail sauce is Awesome! It's listed as Very Spicy and it is! Thank you +Costco​!! Super tasty!

I love how when I have a device that several dozen vendors used to sell, even +Microsoft themselves put a pci/ven on at some point!, there are no recent Windows drivers.   But it works out of the box on Linux.   (the ole' DEC tulip ethernet card)  More reasons not to use Windoze.

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Broken twice in 2 days. This was the first. Wow.
NEW Ski Long Jump World Record

1/4 Kilometer set by Peter Prevc
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Fan of  #Handbrake, the great video transcoding tool?  Just noticed they changed the name of the dvd css lib they scan for.  No longer does it look for libdvdcss.dll in windows.  It's now looking for the properly named libdvdcss-2.dll.   I used to wonder why they didn't look for the correct name, or even both.  Now they do. 

Not documented, of course!

But the addition of +Intel Quick Sync Video support makes up for it in the time I'll save over the next week transcoding kids DVDs for them.  Even on my old Sandy Bridge box it's 3x faster for similar quality settings.

Wasted the time building #libdvdcss 1.3.0 for windows with #MinGW.  I'll post it somewhere for all to use.

Got clickjacked from visiting +SourceForge  tonight. It injected a +Mozilla Firefox  add-on silently. FAIL Mozilla!  #epicfail  
Kind of amusing though, as it was trying to load JavaScript to re-direct me to some horrible string of alphabet soup site off but I run with JavaScript disabled.   It's really not safe out there.

I REALLY dislike when I waste a pile of time because a projects documentation stinks.   I shouldn't have to experiment to see WTF you've changed from version to version, or grab your source and wade through trying to work it out.   Yes I know Open Source software is the worst at this, but in this case it was ISV code. 
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