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I'm easy like Sunday morning.
I'm easy like Sunday morning.

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Introducing the Dart Enhancement Proposal (DEP) process.

Our developers have asked for more insight into the spec discussion process, and for a formal way to seed the spec process with proposals. Today, we're happy to announce Dart Enhancement Proposals as the primary way for the Dart team and the larger Dart community to work together to evolve the Dart language and libraries.

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After few months of really hard work, Paty and me are very proud and happy to announce our new Dart book: Web Programming With Dart

It just has been published and ready to enjoy on:

Thank you very much to people involved in this book and special thanks to Mathew, Ben and Melissa for our great work and support during this time.

Thank you.

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Come give a talk at the Dart Summit and hang out with your other friends in the Dart ecosystem and your friendly Dart team!
Calling all Dartisans - Propose your session or case study for the Dart Developer Summit.

The Dart Developer Summit is your forum for meeting the Dart engineering team, Googlers using Dart, and your fellow Dartisans.  Our community has told us they want to hear how you are using Dart. What is your cool new pub package? How did you use Dart on the client or server? What are you tips and tricks?

Our sessions are live streamed and recorded to help you get the word out. The summit is April 28th-29th in San Francisco, California. Call for Proposals closes on Jan 30th!

See you there!

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I wrote a little blog post about how launching my self-published book went. If you're curious about sales numbers and stuff like that, you might dig it.

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My book finally showed up on Google Play! And it looks super nice in the Play Books app, if I do say so myself. :)

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Do you (like me) work in multiple GitHub repos? Do your users file bugs in the wrong one sometimes? This will help!
Hey all,
I've build a Tool that helps you move issues between GitHub repos which, oddly, you can't do by default using the GitHub UI. Please check it out:

Also It's entirely written in Dart, both server-side and client-side. I kind of used this project to ramp up on the language and it's been an awesome-awesome experience :) Also it's hosted on AppEngine Managed VMs. If you're interested in learning about any of this stuff feel free to have a look at the GitHub repo: I've added some description of the project's code and directories.

Suggestions/Questions welcomed!

#dartlang   #appengine  

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For those using the (very nice, I might add) Google Books app, my book is available there now!

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My free web book has escaped the confines of the Internet! You can now get Game Programming Patterns in print or eBook!

Also, I wrote a crazy-long blog post about how I did it:
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