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David O'Brien
musicologist / tech enthusiast / philosopher / musician / writer
musicologist / tech enthusiast / philosopher / musician / writer


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Rebooking WCW 1998
WCW in 1998 was the year it all went horribly wrong. The undercards were awesome, nothing but great booking all over the place. Even underneath the very top guys the booking was tremendous. It was where it counted that things went screwy with unbelievable r...

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The Death and Death of WCW (review/summary)
Here's what I get from Bryan Alvarez' book Death of WCW that was just re-released deluxe edition style. I didn't live through this era so it's been interesting reading the history of the business as it developed. So you've got WWF and five or so other major...

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Australians Rediscover Fire
The most exciting thing that happened this week was that two of Australia's biggest match winners refound their fire and blasted England to smithereens in the first Test. Dave Warner and Mitchell Johnson were the two players we needed most to pull their bes...

New Google+ looks great!

+Facebook+ have my friends +G+Twitter have celebs and +Google+ have the people I don't know yet. Despite #Google+ #GooglePlus having the absolute best social network, still very few people are using it. What does it have to do to lure my friends and the people I follow to it?

Just noticed that #Google+ have removed geolocation from posts. It never once worked for me anyway, but since I'm hell bent on getting Google+ on #googleearth I'm a bit dumbfounded by it. Anyway, I'm a huge Google+ supporter, but this is now three for three of the new changes that I don't like. Oh well, that's the internet for you, everything gets worse as it gets popular.

Hey #Google +, just wondering, would love it if my saved searches were still to be found on the side somewhere. One of my favourite features now less accessible.

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What a great song. #music #jamband #blues #WarrenHaynes

You know, despite the awfulness of that #kony2012 video, the shady motives and the vomit inducing cheesiness of the whole thing, and the sheer mind bending irony of the dude being busted for public masturbation after essentially publicly masturbating with the video itself; the video really does show how powerful and influential social media can be. Hopefully a lot of naive uni kids saw it, got inspired, then we can only hope they also get skeptical and critical and use it for good rather than public wank offs.
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