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Erik Kreffel
I write things. JAUNT, ETHER, AGENT MAYA
I write things. JAUNT, ETHER, AGENT MAYA

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Make Mine Indie Fall 2016
Hello all been too long since I updated, but I've been busy in the meantime, producing new content for this Holiday season and prepping for Agent Maya , Season Two (beginning in 2017!). My biggest news is that I'm once again featured in the Make Mine Indie ...

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Mak Mine Indie
Just a quick update that Agent Maya Season One is featured in the inaugural quarterly Make Mine Indie independent comics catalog! Available as a FREE PDF or CBZ, this is an awesome project for hardworking indie comic creators! Thanks to Alterna Comics and @...

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The Proof (v3.0) Is In
Just got the third proof (first from Ingram Spark) of Agent Maya Season One in today.  Few things to note: I noticed straight away that the Premium 70 paper stock is not quite what I expected, as the Lulu proof stock is glossy and slick, and the black bleed...

Quick Update
All right I've needed to post for a few weeks now but I'm finally getting around to it. Drivethrucomics has been a small success; I was surprised at the nearly immediate downloads of my free comics after I went public there. I'm still struggling with gettin...

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All Comics Now On Sale At DriveThruComics
Now announcing all Agent Maya comics are now on sale at drivethrucomics ! That's right, I've gone exclusive with drivethrucomics, the longest running digital comics webstore. It's a great site, you get front page exposure and you're alongside other indies a...

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Maya and The Mercury Tower Production Post Three
Just some quick news that Issue 5, Maya and The Mercury Tower , is now finished! It's been a long four years from conception in 2012 to completion in 2016, but Season One is finally at rest. I'm happy with the results, mostly satisfied with what I accomplis...

Agent Maya in 2016
Okay, so I suppose I should've remembered to update the blog before New Year's Eve, but it will dovetail with a few things I want to mention. But first, some renders! First, Issue Five is nearly complete! As usual for me, doing dialogue balloons is tedious ...

Agent Maya Issue Five Production Post Two
After some adjustments to the various render settings, I remembered the render time setting (in seconds) and set it at two hours, fixing the time issues I was experiencing. Sometimes wrapping my head around the differences between 3Delight and iray takes a ...

Issue 5 Production Post One
Now that I've settled the transfer from Daz 4.7 to 4.8 (with some minor annoyances still in effect, unfortunately), I posted  my first render for Issue Five a couple weeks back, under the new iray engine in Daz 4.8. While I think it looked better than good ...

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