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I'm really trying to figure out LR4. I had 2 catalogs in LR3 that I upgraded and imported but now I can't seem to find the other catalog. On the other hand, I have all of this stuff that I'm sure is more than I need. If I didn't need to wash my very dirty car this morning and didn't have a dr.'s appt this morning, and didn't have to go to work at my other job this afternoon, I'd have time to research this but if anyone has a quick answer, it's appreciated.

Y'all have a great day!
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The file Lightroom 3 Catalog was the catalog you started from, and the three after it (Lightroom 4 Catalog, Lightroom 4 Catalog-2, and Lightroom 4 Catalog-3) appear to be multiple attempts to convert the file Lightroom 3 Catalog. Chances are those three Lightroom 4 catalogs are the same, all upgrades of Lightroom 3 Catalog. It doesn't look like there's a second Lightroom 3 catalog in this folder...what should its name be?
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