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If you've ever worked in an office you know that free food comes before work, honor, and of course trust...
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Dax Hoes
seems like a hoax?
No "I" in TEAM, but there is : ME

One of the more annoying sayings.
So what was the food that everyone walked away for?
The woman fell right in front of him but the second man on the right wasn't surprise or reacting at all. It's just an act.
I love how people just try and stage shit to get a bunch of 'hits' on the internet for some stupid fucking gif. It's because of this reason that every single gif online at this point (aside from the cat ones) is completely uninteresting to me.
+matthew kubien well, their validity is better than humans doing shit. That's what I meant. It's not like you can get a cat to con the rest of the world with a video
+matthew kubien Yeah, especially the transforming machinery ones. They're all exactly the same, and all of the comments are "SO COOL!" and "I WISH I HAD ONE OF THOSE!!"... come on people. Might as well just put up the fuckin dancing baby gif from 1995.
these people have serious A.D.D.
Lol, that's gonna bruise in the morning
Are there any after-party photos?
That's called a joke, man.
+Maximilian Cher Why even bother putting up such a worthless comment. It's people like you that flood these posts with ridiculous, useless opinions and statements that make Humanity look like a bunch of fucking retards.
Max Cher
) relax. Yoga helps.
Max Cher
Using f* and other interesting words doesn't have anything in common with humanity either. I do my statements, you can do yours.
We played this game in camp, it's the trust game, you fall back and trust that your friends will catch you. Angie and I put the "us" in "trust";)
oh, so naughty words make a person inhuman? I thought it was just pure stupidity. Your family genealogy must have not evolved as fast as mine.... my condolences.
(: That's nice one, man. Really. Glad that there are still people with a sence of humor.

Let's end it here. If you want it, you can call me stupid. Whatever.
its funni but cool how she just lets herself goooo like that
... Aaaaaand she +1'd it as well. Scooooorrrre!
+Roger Landreth, You don't much enjoy fiction novels or fantasy movies either do you? It's called suspension of disbelief, at the end of the day anyone with a brain can tell it's either a fake, or that everyone in that office is on crack and in their cracked out state they thought it would be fun to video tape a day at the office. But we suspend our natural disbelief in the hopes that we might find a touch of enjoyment in this life. You sir, really do not need to be the arrogant one that insults those who have more imagination than you.
I want to press -1 button...
That is when you know it's time to find another job.
Nothing builds teamwork like a prolonged visit to the Hospital Emergency Waiting Room.
And the civil suit defense afterwards.
funny i wonder what happen NEXT tho
WTH! This must be some act. Otherwise it sure is scary and funny at the same time.
OMG! is she alright now? how stupid colleagues she got.
that is so funny because she is dumb and her so called friends are even dumber!
Wonderful initiation on her first day in the job.
She survived the fall, but not the second guy from the right who walked over her!!
Of course not. Can't see the mat she fell onto and no one is really surprised when she falls. Not the best set up.
Hey thats awesomeness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erik H
hahah but fake :/
I hope the company had insurance or better yet it was an emergency meeting which meant the company was bankrupt and the lady was the manager and she wanted to jump, so they came up with the idea to hold hands to let her fall on their hands so that she could get it over with. but hey who wouldn't want a free last cup of tea.
Funny, but surely fake? Why is it the hot girl doing the fall? Why the video camera? That guy at the back seems to walk around something on the floor. The three on the left all let go at the same time. Does the shocked lady actually step back off of something? Like a mattress? Maybe. Still laughing...
That's messed up! but 4 sure must be fake....!
well its bad that its the lady doing the falling, but for me i would suggest the guy that brings the tea. he should be blamed for it
bet it's a family owned and operated business
thats funny but really yall let her fall
id say its fake cuz its funny how there was just 'randomly' a camera on and....i hav no other reason...but y doesnt she hav shoes on?
Notice, only the woman front right side puts her hands to her mouth. Does this say woman have more compassion than men?
+Rose Lamatt I think she was the only one that actually noticed. The way she takes two steps back instinctively implies shes trying to distance herself from the problem. So I think she actually shows a lack of compassion.
the same happened with the guy that became into The Joker
+Everyone: for those of you telling me that everyone deserves their own opinion and can share it with others - No, that is false. I have been given the power to revoke those of which do not have good opinions their power of giving them. If you beg to differ, meet me in person and I'll show you how I do this. (by Removing the Head or Destroying the Brain)
^^^that doesn't make it any less funny hahaha
ya i would go for the food too,lol
This happened in America. Food > Life.
Looks like +Cheryl Page doesn't know how to use a computer... and on top of that, she's trying to kill us with a violent UPPERCASE attack! :-D

Better stick yourself to Facebook, girl. :-P
For those of you still trying to decide if this is real or not, just watch the guy in the back on the right. He clearly steps towards the wall and around something on the floor to get to the food tray.
lol. Very funny comments!!!!
just let her go....
see don't trust your co workers all the want to do is see you fall on your ass...
If those two idiots on the right side weren't slow and obviously walking around a mattress, this might be believable
Haaaa...cant stop laughing after looking at this
sorry but...hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahaha
I would have loved to hear the audio on that one!!!LOL
You Live and Learn.....what has the work force come to...
hopefully there was a pad that's fucked up...i think its even funnier that the lady nearest the camera felt bad right after the other girl fell nice McCully Culkin face hahahaha
I agree with +Nathaniel Thomas. They should have had the guy on the right in the suit react the same way the woman next to him did.
Sam R
omg so funnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol thats really messed up the girl just put her hand over her mouth as she went back lol
OMG!!! Dats horrible. Why did they do?!
Cal vin
My favorite part is you can see the bottom of her feet. She fully trusted the wrong people...

Oh, and I hit my double quadruple... (1000 +1's & 1000 shares)

Thanks everyone...
Screw people, coffee is what matters! :roll:
Is this authentic? I'd like to see the original vid
Ummmm......Think she's gonna have some trust issues after this?? Don't know whether to laugh or cry for her!!!!
Let see the matress between the 6 co-workers, Com-on Now!!!
This what will happen when you bring free cake to the place
hilarious...she'll feel that in the morning hahaha :)
stand alone ............ no probs..:)
That poor woman must not of grown up with older siblings and THAT my friend is why I NEVER play those group trust games xD
Probably not but I'm sure she was mad! Do you think they saved her a beverage?!
Trust Fall Gone Wrong? ;)
yes it did and that would fucking hurt
ha i wonder what happens at the office parties
From the reaction of the woman from the right, one can say, the act seems real and very scary to see it. But does the act say: do not trust co-workers ?
lol. The guy in the suit sees her falling and doesn't even flinch.
Come on it's fake. You can tell the ones on the right are stepping around something (cushions?) instead of going straight across.
It's fake but it conveys the true in the fact that food is before many things.
Clearly it was a set-up because if it wasn't then I doubt very much they'd be filming. I'm sure the woman didn't know it was a set-up and fully trusted those guys, otherwise she would not have been able to fall so straight without even putting her hands behind her back to break her fall.
hahaha...isn't that the truth! what is it about free food at work - it definitely does get attention from most people
So, mean bastards? Definitely lol
I will probably want to see what's below her...I really can't believe she fall on a solid concrete floor...
i don't beleive it until i see whats below her
lol What the sense of that when you can't even count on your coworkers lol...
I love how the woman is the only person that cares she fell.
lol this is so funny and true
on google+ she is gonna put those people in the "Asshole Circle"
The guy in the back right has to walk around something to get to the food... lol probably some sort of pad.
Finland is one of the most educated countries in the world. And I've never seen a trust game played here :D

Yeah, the hand held camera did not shake a bit when she fell. Just try to find a good flip/fall/crash video from youtube, and most of them miss the "best part" because the videographer actually paid attention to what was happening - something unexpected.
That sucks, her coworkers got distracted with drinks.
hahahaha:D, nice fall:D
the poor lady. she was counting on them to catch but instead.......... she fell!!!
Doesn't seem real, but in any case this is why you trust no one...
Never trust your co-workers. Bet there was a mattress under the table. You know this was faked. BUT FUNNY.
That is fucking hilarious. I have to agree that this one was probably staged, but I've seen shit like that happen for real a few times.
Ada M
Trust exercise fail indeed.
fuck that. i would be so pissed off. but then i would never do that.
this chick will never trust anyone in life from now on..
That is SO true about the free food! Lol! Every time we have a meeting at work it seems my coworkers just show up for the free grub! I don't understand why that is!
What must that guy be bringing in order for them all to leave. Must be something delicious!!
The guy on the right in the suite never even watch her fall. LOL!!
What the heck was in those cups? Tequila? Ha ha ha.
It is horrifying but so so true in most workplaces....
She has DOUBT in trusting them, but at last she trust (after her chance).. This happens in all our life..

That is the proverb "MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES -- Act while conditions are favorable."
whats rong with this dumb lady
We'll catch you, we'll catch you. Sure you will!!!
The traditional corporate ladder....fight and claw your way to the top and then they stab you in the back LOL
Omg that poor lady. I guess thats what happens when u work through lunch
Let that be a Lesson to Everyone... A Metaphor for Human Behavior
Life is Funny, until that happens to you, Then its hilarious.... Well It will be when you look back on it 10 years later... LOL
wow that is pretty messed up"!" & RUDE"!"
hahaha that's kind of cruel though.....poor lady. And that's why you never agree to a trust fall.
+Roger Landreth Who the fuck are you? The fucking internet police, telling people what is legitimate entertainment and what's not? It's obvious this is staged but who cares if it gives people a laugh or something to watch in an otherwise tedious day? At least it's better than trolling around criticizing others' intelligence just so you can stroke you own ego.
OMG! This is Hilarious! and guys stop spoiling it with ur arguments!
I certainly hope it's fake (i.e., that it was staged, and that the woman fell onto a soft mat)! Even so, it's quite humourous.
thats the funniest thing ive ever seen.
wow, I just watched that 5 times in a row...goodness!
I don't think this is real, no way she could be falling so many times without beign hurt. LOL!
Lol that is hilarious!..... I really feel bad for that Woman though if it wasn't staged...
LOL i know she was pissed and hurt...smh the rest of the work day would of been hard! She should slap every one of them off the clock!
Be carefull.not everyone can be trusted.tgush.....
This is awesome! Very very well done!!! You know how I found out about it? Look at the tall guy on the right. He sides step to the right first before walking straight! There must be something soft below like an airbed that he tried to avoid. :D I LOVE IT THOUGH!!! Very well done!!! Also, about 97%, if something happens like that, the camera man would also become so worried making the video very very shaky. It was still calm. :)
arrrrgggghhhh...damn 8 hurts...
Well if that's true, she's got balls dropping backwards even on a mattress lol.
+George Lawrence-Hazelman It's a funny clip but don't tell me you believe this is real. Notice the first man on the right (the one in the white shirt). As he's going for the platter, he steps to his right before stepping forward. The second man on the right leans away from the falling woman, turns, and takes 3 steps to his right. Why would they do this instead of going straight for treats? It seems obvious to me there were cushions or something placed on the floor to break her fall. Also note the total lack of surprise by any of the men. Like I said, it's a funny clip and I commend the people of this office for their imagination and collaboration. Still, fake is fake.
Let this be a lesson to all. Never do the trust exercises when people could walk in with donuts at any moment. Guess she will know next time.
o I in team! but there is an I in together..... wait no there isn't.
looks like coffee or sumthin
this must be a joke, hope its not for real!
I wouldn't want to be a part of this - hope it's a stunt or joke otherwise she could have problems. I hope she's OK.
Anne Go
Lmao! Hahaha woo I'm sorry I'm so insensitive
hahaha...I should be showing concern right now but that is...
I'll shut up now hahahahahahahahahaha...
I know it's staged but still makes me wince.
Who cares if it was staged, the point came across. My co-workers would kill for free food!!LOL
Though it is sad, it's funny at the same time...............
its a good video u all got ere
i can't belive she didn't flinch! people always accuse me of not trusting them cuz i always flinch, it's not my falt i have an over active imagination i imagin dark space and hard serfaces and nothing else, then again i hit my head alot so i shouldn't care, still who decided to bring a food tray in at that exact moment?
She will never trust her co-workers again, that's for sure!!!
They say she died. She died because of free food.
Thanks to the free food
They are absurdly stupid and ignorant aren't they? But one can't really resist food that well. I will never do that again.
Allyn E
damn! it only shows food is the number 1 physiological needs of human, lol
looks fake, watch closely the 3rd and the 2nd person from the right, his foot need to get round some thing on the floor before walk to get the drink, gotta be a bed on the floor.
LOL >.< Watch the in the middle of the right row, he doges the woman, and just keeps going for the drinks. Pricelss
Chan Li
it seems like a true story ,lol
Cal vin
Beacuse I'm awesome... It says it on my profile...
Why did they leave her?
+Maximilian Cher +Roger Landreth
I think this banter was totally awesome, the best part is the moron was doing the name calling, and complaining about excess comments for no good reason, in an excess comment for no good reason! I literally laughed out loud on that one. I don't know if you guys set this up or not, but if you did, you did it well.
i think it was a party and thats why the woman was stupid enough to actually trust her workers.
right!! don't try in an office !!
Cal vin
The best part is her feet. So trusting. She never tried to catch herself... 
Cal vin you are a jerk! She could have gotton a head concation or minor amnesia because of YOU!!!!!!
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